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    Default Toke City Broken Glass Thread

    So I did the usual pre-class burn then left for class and my friend stayed at my place like normal. Im sittin in class thinkin how nice it was gonna be to burn outta my mini when i get back. I open the door and "Sorry dude, i broke the bowl" Hit me like a member of my family died. Pissed me off SO much. My friend acts like my 250$ binger is his. he cleans it and does w/e with it all day long. he finally broke something so maybe he will realize why i said dont fuck with it. He is gonna buy me a new bowl on monday but that is fucking a week away now....

    i really liked the stock LUX bowl. looks really good on the mini and just hits good. thank god i have a 1 piece a/c other wise i was gonna murder someone. so pissed that something is already broken after a month and it wasnt my fault or anything i could have done about it...

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    How'd he break it, do you know? At least he didn't break anything else, like the bong lol .

    I feel for you though, it definitely sucks when anything breaks, especially your only bowl!
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    sorry about the loss, i assume your talking about the clear martini shaped slide and i love my RooR one too, just classy. and being able to see the whole bowl as you smoke it is cool.

    get a spare piece. and a safe. and maybe a new friend.
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    shitty man...thats why i lock my door whenever i roomie will come up in here and rip outta all my glass allday long and make a mess. Sorry for ur loss alot

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    it's getting fixed, so ya, it does suck right now, but it will get fixed.

    and now, your friend can throw down the 20-30 for the stock bowl and you could throw down 20-30 and get yourself a nice headie bowl instead of a stock bowl.

    and tell your friend's not to touch your shit!

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    atleast he's replacing it, and atleast he cleans it too..... did you leave it out, or did he go into your shit to get to it....

    could be worse.
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    man, if my friend cleaned my glass for me and made sure to pay me back for any broken glass, i wouldn't get too mad. like emag said; it sucks now, but it's getting fixed. atleast you're getting a bowl of your choice and your friend is picking up the tab!

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    ooo... shit dude you got a problem on your hands... what happens if he breaks the bong next? Can he afford to buy a new one? Should of layed down the law when you got that bong, otherwise now he thinks he can do whatever with it.... And I know I wouldn't allow anyone else to clean my bong, thats one of the easiest times to break it...... consider this bowl breaking a warning and set down some rules

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    other people cleaning my glass is not cool in my book. i can't stand to see my bongs get shaken by people who don't know/respect their value.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ro + oR = RooR
    other people cleaning my glass is not cool in my book. i can't stand to see my bongs get shaken by people who don't know/respect their value.
    That is my biggest pet-peve right now. people messing with my expensive stuff. weather it be my mini or my 360 or w/e. When i see him cleaning or when it is clean and i didnt do it, i get real pissed.

    he said when he was packing a bowl the bowl got stuck in the diffy joint and as he was turning it to try and get it out, like a DUMBASS, he put a lot of pressure on the handle. *snap* took the handle and the wall of the bowl with it. surprizingly its still intact but a big hole in it. ill take a pic later. sorta cool how it broke, made me a blunt/joint adapter

    i dont think ill get a stock bowl til i go back to 42* in ATL. we have a few headshops here at school so ill find a good bowl and make him get it. really want a custom set or something.

    and on the topic of safes and such. my friend thinks that anything i own is his to use as he pleases. i really should get one but i dont wanna have to open it and have him NAG about the code and shit. i dunno maybe its time to put the mini on lockdown
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