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    So that means all his strains are bogus, I guess :tdown:

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    Thanks for chiming in brummygaz. Good to hear from some one who has grown some of his seeds out.

    Good to see ya bro. Hope all is well with you.
    frostyy420 aka med grower

    RIP Cane

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    Quote Originally Posted by vancouverbuds
    So that means all his strains are bogus, I guess :tdown:
    no not all

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    Good to hear - not that it matters, but in the scientific community, once a person is shown to have lied/fudged even a little bit on his "math" (so to speak) then the entirety of the person's work must be considered useless and invalid.
    I mean who really knows whether he was bullshitting about other stuff, just slapping labels on stuff he thought matched a close description?

    not that syko could ever call himself a scientist, more along the lines of lowlife, slithering scum of a breeder wanna-be...



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