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    Default New Style Toro "Ice-Pinch" Slides (18.8mm and 14.5mm)

    Review for new style Toro slides by myself and Alexz0r:

    The slides Come in both 18.8mm and 14.5mm.

    Used this for the first time last night with TC member Alexz0r, wanted to let you guys all know what I thought. Slide has 4 notches on the outside for easy holding and pulling, and 4 pinches on the inside. This is obviously different from the traditional style slides, as it isn't really a bowl, but merely a glass cylinder with similar glass work to the ice pinches on a tube (Better explained in the picture). The ice pinches work very well to hold everything together, and the airflow is GREAT. There is a noticeable increase in air flow using this compared to a traditional style slide. It is also much harder to pull anything through, acting almost as a glass screen, so there will be nothing in the bowl lost prematurely. The bowl is somewhat small, but much wider than the 14.5mm version, and still can hold a decent amount. For the price, this was a great pickup (from Ithaca's Glass).

    The 18.8mm Side View:

    The 18.8mm Top View (Showing the 4 pinches):

    This is similar style to the 18.8mm slide, but this one has 3 notches and 3 pinches instead of the 4 on the 18.8mm. The bowl is much smaller and much skinnier as well, holding less. It is a very narrow and slender slide. It functions the same as the 18.8mm but it heats up far quicker as it is smaller. Like a little version of the 18.8mm. I like the 18.8mm a little more than the 14.5mm. Also got this at Ithaca's Glass.

    The 14.5mm Side View:

    The 14.5mm Top View (Showing the 3 Pinches):
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    cool slide --
    roll, roll, roll a joint twist it at the end, light it up, take a puff puff and pass it to your friend ~~~

    Quote Originally Posted by Ninja View Post
    LONG live Girly Glass!!

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    So as soon as my boy got home we had to try these slides out. ive been intrigued ever since i saw the new illi pieces with the diffuser like holes in the bottom and heard about these toros. My impression when i first saw it i thought it would just be like a normal slide and not have any extra benefits but after my first pull with it i realized how much better of a design this is. The airflow is excellent on this piece. The airflow when taking a hit to me seems like when you are clearing a tube with the slide pulled. Theres no resistance at all when taking a hit. The other great thing about these slides is that you get absoluetly everything out of the bud. It works almost as a screen because we could not actually get the ash to pull through each time it should have snapped through. We would have to blow it out. This allows you to get everything out of your bud. The only con i have with these slides is that they are rather small especially the 14 mm one. We havent tried it yet but it looks like it might hold .1 at most. Overall these are great slides that are very innovative and im hoping to see the ice pinch method used more often. I also really want to try/see a review on the new illi diffuser type holes.
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    nice pick up man..... hit one of these my self....... totally has increased airflow... should have one arriving at my place this week sometime! cant wait!

    Fixed perc FTW!

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    i want.

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    really like that slide... i needs to find me one

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    yup, these are HOT! here's more pics of the 18mm

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    nice, and these are coming on what pieces?
    gotta get up to get down

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    i had soem of the first been on all my toros for bout three weeks now

    were gnna miss u homie


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    Quote Originally Posted by crumbsnatcha21 View Post
    nice, and these are coming on what pieces?
    They arent being sold on anything as of yet these were just bought as slides alone.



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