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    Quote Originally Posted by PeaPhunk View Post
    It one thing to say you like wayne , its another to say hes the hottest rapper out there etc etc. Grow up.
    You sound like the tool who was saying Poison was the greatest rock band ever in the 80s.
    Shit got me cracking up. hahaha
    Quote Originally Posted by Toothpick
    The bu-tane clan ain't nothin' to fuck with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eazystar View Post
    I've been listening to hip-hop a lot lately (read hip-hop; i.e. not Soulja Boy and the like).....
    i need suggestions for more artists though, basically all i listen to is what has been suggested by my friends...

    i already listen to & LOVE these artists:
    Big L (my favorite)
    Eric B. & Rakim (wish i could find more?)
    Gang Starr
    Jedi Mind Tricks
    Kool G Rap (wish i could find more, again...)
    MF Doom
    Black Star (the Mos Def & Talib Kweli collaboration)
    Royce Da 5'9" (wish i could find more once again)
    Notorius BIG (classic)
    Tupac (classic)
    Wu-Tang Clan (i like their early stuff more)

    any recommendations? i know a lot of you listen to good hip-hop! help!

    also i like Brotha Lynch Hung, i love that he's just soooo over the top ahah. :P
    Savage C

    Trust me, if you're a pot smoker you'll love him.
    Get the album "The Couch Potato"

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    Pea Phunk, I'm kinda glad this has come down to an argument on wayne, think the feelings expressed around that debate are a window to see what state hip hop/rap as a whole is in right important topic to me. As far as wayne, if ya love him, ya love him, if you hate him, you hate him. PeaPhunk hit it on the head with the novelty thing. He can be entertaining when your fucked up enough and ya he can get oddly creative at times. But SLINGER please don't be bringing up his "flow" as the reason he's a "real MC". Come the fuck on now, his flow is 75% electronic, and I can already picture him in the studio like an actor reading a line over n over until he hits it just right...artificial as shit. You want real flow check out outkast on atliens/aquemini, pharoahe monk anytime...their voices make you feel, they convey and accenuate the beat. The ONLY thing wayne has to his name are entertaining punchlines and my local man Vakill got him beat on those..."some of ya'll riding dicks and don't know it like a date rape drug...catch me with ya lil niece on the couch, kick her out the house, no blouse capris on slouch, I ain't fuck, I just poked at her throat like a capri sun pouch, point blank I'm a fuckin problem, kapiche? I'm out.." Now let's get that thread title changed to: Wayne, love him or hate him?

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    If nothing else all you haters have to admit he's the most devoted rapper alive.
    He's come out with over 700 songs so far and is still making 'em daily. And only about 100 of those songs he actually made some money off of because the rest he released either online or on a mixtape where he made next to nothin.

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    How bout Do Or Die. They some beasts on the mic.

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    real artists usually cant pump out a song or 2 a day fo life,
    at least the good ones cant without it being dribble, then they aint good...
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    is down with ?#2 o0ch's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dwayne Carter View Post
    It's his dad. He's the reason Wayne is who he is, without Birdman Wayne would probably be dead by now.
    birdman isn't his real father, I'm not sure if you know that or not but I just thought I would clarify

    Quote Originally Posted by PeaPhunk View Post
    I feel trash rap like wayne / jayz / 50 cent is the equivalent of butt rock from the 80s.
    No arguments some of lil wayne's radio songs are weak and 50 cent is played out but do you really think Jay-z is trash?

    Quote Originally Posted by Dwayne Carter View Post
    That's your opinion and your entitled to it.
    exactly... anyone can like whatever they want!

    good song to listen to - swang on em - bun B ft. Lupe Fiasco

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    Birdman adopted Wayne.

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    Good call on the do or die, gonna have to dust that one off and give it a spin,, been awhile. See, that's the kinda flow that had me holding down the [<<] like a madman.

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    why people always try to tell others what to like and not like?

    dude i have extensively listened to hip hop for over 20 years, i dont need anyone tellin me what i should or shouldnt think is cool,

    weezy is fire. period. i bump it all day cuz i like it, dont care what exucses you give me about who you think writes his lyrics, or how you think its "manufacutured" in the studio, why are you bothering, i like the fucking songs, carter I, carter II, carter III, the drought,, all that shit is fire,,,,

    and yea yea, i listen to everything from MC Hammer and NWA to Blahzay Blahzay to ICE T to Atmosphere,, i listen to all rap, i find something i like in MOST of it,,, except guys like AESOP ROCK annoy me, i try to like him, but his voice is annoying, his shit is so over complex it doesnt really mean anything, its barely music to me, although when i hear it, i still give it a chance...

    sorry im not being a cool backpacker hip hopper and love necro or some other dumb shit lolol
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