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    Is this the TC hip hop thread? couldn't find any others really...

    Anyways, been listening to "Square One" a lot recently. They are a German Hip Hop group that sounds really awesome. Got that jazzy kinda premiere style of beats, I like them a lot.

    I just added this track, check it out and some of their others as well.
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    Celph titled

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    Wiz Khalifa just dropped a new mixtape, titled "Kush & OJ"
    If you haven't looked it up please do so immediately.

    Has a chilled out summer night vibe that I can't get enough of.

    Oh, saw CudixRJD2xChipThaRip last week, pretty awesome show.

    My current latenight blazin Playlist:

    Waken Baken - Wiz Khalifa
    Mezmorized - Wiz Khalifa
    Spotlight ft. Killa Kyleon
    Hyyerr Ft. Chip Tha Ripper - Kid Cudi
    Still Blazin - Wiz Khalifa
    Up - Wiz Khalifa
    Never Been - Wiz Khalifa
    Pedal To The Medal ft. Johnny - Wiz Khalifa
    Visions - Wiz Khalifa
    The Statement - Wiz Khalifa
    Supply ft. Nesby Phips - Wiz Khalifa
    The 2 Puffs (Prod. By Dez) - Chip Tha Ripper
    Layover - Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y
    Final Frontier Ft. Blueprint - RJD2
    Surface 2 Air - Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y
    Silly Puddy - Zion I

    Not in any particular order
    "Orange rectangle boxes in my pockets, niggas on a quest like Johnny & Hadji"

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    idk if this has been mentioned, but I don't feel like reading this whole 55 page thread.

    Dr. Dre - The Chronic
    Dr. Dre - 2001
    Ice Cube - The Predator
    N.W.A. - Straight Outta Compton

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    Quote Originally Posted by vorzh View Post
    yo my bad if this is in the wrong thread but where are yall downlaoding full albums these days? id kill a man for some ugk kid cudi old wayne old outkast discography
    pretty much any major torrent site will have anything you want, or check out for some sick hip-hop downloads
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    Glass by: Toro, Dizzle, US Tubes, ROOR, Snic, Kurt B, Andy D, Alex K, El Hefe, Fro, Kennaroo, Salt, Carver B, Chris Hubbard, Hermit, Crondo, Dellene Peralta, and more!

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    Pretttyyyyy damn sure these have already been named but.... These are just a few I listen to very frequently.

    Devin the Dude (older material)
    Kid Cudi
    Blue Scholars

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    Default is all you need to know my dude.
    "Orange rectangle boxes in my pockets, niggas on a quest like Johnny & Hadji"

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    Uncle Murda is great if you like old school ny style stuff. He is raw as hell, the kind of lyrics that make you wonder if the police know about it.

    My favorite mixtape of his is Murda's Muzik II (Return of the Bad Guy)

    I think you can hear the whole thing streaming here (my audio is out on this computer now)

    Edit--you might know this guy from his track "Take Care of the Witness" from GTA. Also, my favorite tracks are the last 2/3 of that mix or so- "Back on my Bullshit", "Lean on Me", etc. Enjoy.
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    If you don't already know, then u better go ask somebody.....
    lol...Wiz Khalifa; Kush and Orange Juice, free album link below, whole thing is straight fire!!

    also here is a dope video from the album...Notice Khalifa ripping the Illadelph!!!



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