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    If your PH is where you want it and the ppm's are ok, if all your numbers are good would you still change your res? Ive always heard that if it isnt broke dont fix it.
    Ive had the same water in my ghetto cloner for almost a month and the roots on the clone are nice n white, no alge buildup inside the res so I'm assuming it isnt so imperative to do everything just right at this stage of the plants life...? Thanks for any feedback.
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    Fanatastic looking roots dude! yeah with cloners I have heard some people say change the water every so often...but when I use my bubble cloner I don't change the water st sll I just add it when it needs it. But with the flowering or vegging plants I would say change it out every two weeks just to be on the safe side...reasoning is that the plants might be eating more of one nute then the other and that might unbalance the rez..well at least that is my theory
    lookin good

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    ^^ Exactly. You have, for example, 1400ppm, but how much is N, P, K, Mg, etc. All you have is a value, which is just to give you an idea of what you're dealing with, but you have to remember each salt in the solution can conduct a different amount. Example: 100g of nitrogen may read 400ppm in a gallon of RO water while 100g of Potassium may read 200 or 600ppm or whatever it may actually be. So week #1 the plants might pull the rez down by 400 ppm and week #2 might also be 400ppm, but that 400ppm may have a much more drastic change in the plants' health. At least when you start fresh every so often, you have a general idea where you're at, with topping off you only have a number, the rest is knowing the telltale signs of a problem and reacting to it ASAP (especially with aero/hybrid 2"+ of growth a day sounds good but think of how fast a problem could arise) if you're good with plant defeciencies/toxicities and will be around to monitor the system then go ahead and only top off (I know plenty of people who only do this and never change rez, including "between" grows Trip can confirm as he and anyone else who knows of OscarMeyer from OG and he just rotates several clones into place of harvested plants in 3' x 3' E&F naver flushing or changing rez out and he was/is quite sucessful)

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    GG...........WHAT`S THAT CLONE WRAPPED WITH?.........THANKS DEWD.....DHF.......

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    My guess would be a "Scotch Brite" scouring pad (thin one they sell for cleaning pots and pans) rolled around it.

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    Thats exactly what its wrapped with, imnotcrazy. Thanks for the input guy's it makes me see why you would change the res even tho everything is looking good it may have defieciencies of certain nutrients.
    THis is my practice clone, st8 well water the ph is @ 7.0. In a few more weeks I will be starting a thread on my aeroflo hope u guys will be around to offer suggestions. Gotta get my cloner filled up. My mothers are trying to bud up on me, even tho they r gettin 14 1/2 hrs of light a day. One side of my brain is tellin me to take more clones and grow the mothers out and the other side is saying finish up what u got and jump in head first into the wet...
    clone is from Big bud
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    Coming soon to your neighborhood, Green is my Business and my Business is Good!
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    Default Overgrow Refugee!

    whats up everyone! just checking in. nice roots gvillegreen. heya tripn!

    Any other HGA'ers from OG around here?


    YAY!!! after skimming over the last few pages, it's so good to see most of the crew here feels like home again. MWBM, Wolvern, s2, thc&me glad to find yall

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    Good to see ya CAT!!!

    Welcome to TC (Finally)


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    Hey CAT!!!! dude I thought we lost ya there for a minute..welcome..welcome..welcome..
    how is your harvest?

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    s2, yeah, i'm glad to finally be here! just used to hang at OG almost exclusively until catweazel got me over to PG. yeah tripn, i was pretty much lost there for a while! it's incredible that i found yall, i had just about given up when i heard about all the crap with og. the harvest is very good! i'm baked as i type this unfortunately the yield was not what i really wanted but the quality is second to none. the celtic frost is very resiny and looks white with resin glands, the ak47 x sk#1is good too. thinking about doing some sweet tooth next except outdoors. which leads me to this.... the room is idle right now, it'll be getting dismantled as soon as i heal up from surgery, hopefully soon. this season it's time for a gorilla grow! currently scouting for a location, believe it or not that is not as easy as it sounds! hope you guys don't mind me hanging in this hydro forum, even if i'm not running the hydro system anymore.... it's just that you are the only people i really know online from OG and feel comfortable around, sorta like family if you will.... anyway, i can and will contribute to the hydro content (as thats all i've done for the past 4 years) if yall will allow be to be a part of this thread, once a hydrohead always a hydrohead huh! man it's cold in my area right now, i know a couple of you are experiencing the same, we're supposed to have an ice storm for the next 2 days. just lit the fireplace and now it's time to light up something else, back in a minute.... lol, smoked a few dugout hits and forgot about typing this, and went outside and loaded a wagon load up with firewood and pulled it back up to the back patio! then remembered about being in the middle of this, hahaha i'm blazed!

    more later, i'm very glad to have found yall




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