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    hey heads
    I hadnt posted in awhile thought id make an appearance,been here alot just not much to report on.The cabby has come to a stop as im tired of fighting with the better half over it.Its there and damn near functional,but the primary goal was to get the grow inside and she dont see the humor in that at all.prolly turn it into a cloning station,or maybe a mom box just not sure at this point.The garden is at bare minimum,just enough to say im still growing.Got one G-13 at about 5 weeks of flowering and 3 rooted clones in soil.Im prolly only going to keep one of the clones and make a mom out of her,oh and i got a few more rooting but they arnt here they are at a buddies place till they root then im only going to keep 2 of to flower and one to make mom incase its worth keeping.Not clue what strain it is just that its female so we will go from there and see what comes of it.

    Sensi man them plants are sweeeeet,what kinda rock is that your using?I may need to check out some of them ionic nutes,still got prolly 3 or so more grows worth of the GH flora left,but I dont know GH has been good to me,and im just about to figure them out.purhaps i should just stay with what works for me.

    cat,trip,jeff,dwc,feather and everyone ive missed.

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    i am running 100 watts of hps this pic is of my garden at 13 days of 12/12 the system has 20 spots in it for growing but i one have 10 spots filled i am using every other pot so i would have a little space to round them up

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    Yeah MWBM, I hear you about the GH nutes, they have been good to me as well and besides, I still have about 2-3 grows worth of them left too. Dude you need to straighten that girl out and let her see the light I hear your pain there too, sounds like my old lady too.... "Cat stop growing"... "Cat the elect. bill is too high".... "Cat what if someone comes over & smell those plants".... I'm sure you've heard it all too..... What's a guy to do? That's prolly the major reason why the room is looking skimpy like it does right now, you remember what the room looked like in the old days of HGA.... I just got tired of hearing all the whining so I decided to take a break and let the wife chill for a bit... well it's time to get going again, sensi is making me jealous for sure I am seeming to be spending a little more time & attention on the room these days (thanks sensi) so hopefully it won't be long until this Levee Rat is up & running again.

    What up Tripn? Have you heard from your bro lately? Are you still blowing glass & making goodies? Haven't heard anything either way for a while. By the way, when are you gonna flood that table again?

    Anyone know what happened to thc&me?

    Laters -


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    yip not yet thoughlike a week more then i will add it

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    Unfortunately Thc&Me had a problem with a Mod here a while back and asked to have his account to be deleted To bad too. Thc&Me was/is a cool guy
    frostyy420 aka med grower

    RIP Cane

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    i also just invested in one of these yesterday these things rock they take care of everything that the scrubber dont and then some so i bet if you guys had one of these the wouldnt even know you had the room full
    C.A.P. OZN-1 Commercial Ozone Generator 1000 mg/hr
    you can get them on e-bay for 129.99 pluss 10 bucks shipping cant wait to get mine a friend has one and it is amazing

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    Yeah, he deleted his acct / changed his name @ PG too, around the same time all the $hit hit the fan with OG, too bad, he was a really good buddy of mine @ HGA on OG back in the day.


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    No problem guy i love helping and i hope you dont mind all the pics i will post a few every week now hey just started showing signs of budding so it should get real pretty real quik cant wait to post some of the finished product

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    well, well, well, sensi, I can one up you on that one now finally my ozone generator put out 5000 whatever PPM or whatever its called, like you said, it eleminates everything.



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