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    hey guys I am back finally....the move crippled my internet but I am going to be growing with an ebb&flow setup pretty soon !

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    Default can't get enough green

    The canadian club bottle is a nice touch.

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    ok lets get this thread movin again hey!

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    Default Anybody wanna see my bush

    Cheers to that 'cid
    Here we have 9 MP5K in bubbler - are very healthy, cut 3 days ago from the monster re-vegged bush (see thread in journals).... :

    First pic is just 1 day after I put them in the cloner, were looking pretty droopy and I was worrying..
    but the second and third pic showthem to have perked up quite a bit since
    Last pic is from the monster re-vegged bush, harvested and kicked back into 18/6 about 3 weeks ago

    shes a great mom

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    Thanx for getting the thread jump started again VAN!
    I like the little bubbler you made there!
    too tired to post pics right now...just worked 12 1/2 hours at my crappy job.
    later today I will try to get some pics in!
    anyone else?

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    hey Hydro Heads here are the ladies at day 47 in the HD Ebb&Flow!

    below is the top of one of my bluberries!


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    trip my man those are some great looking buds!
    i was surprised this morning to awake to this, which pleased me greatly - its the only one of 9 showing roots, but I imagine the others are on the way in the next few days
    took 10 days to root

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    Good job van! those look like some nice healthy roots

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    can i join [HHA] ???

    i grow DWC, and use different nutes in each bucket to test em out. GH, Advanced nutes, and foxfarm.

    ne ways. here....
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