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    Default Whats new @ US TUBES

    Here it is, its official we have logos now. It's time to move it out of the HONALEE thread. The HONALEE thread will be for all the sick headie glass. There is a new tube company out and we are setting the bar high. You will not find a better made tube on the market. Plus we are the only AMERICAN MADE TUBE. All parts are manufactured in house (no other manufacture of tube can make this claim and back it up). So if you want the highest quality tube this is your only choice. All you have to do is pick one up and you know. This is a one of a kind tube in this first post. It has a 50mm x 9mm beaker bottom with a 44mm x 5mm black top. This is the only black 18mm Gog that has been made in the 32mm dia. It's 15" tall and weighs in at over 2 pounds.
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    Lookin very clean and sleek man, hope i start seeing those out my way soon

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    Freakin' the progress you guys are making every day
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    damn! that thing is sick. badass new name and cant wait to cop one of these US tubes!

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    Keep it clean and classy

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    Love the design super thick joints but not really diggin the logo!
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    badassery at its finest
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    that tube looks quality, very well made, congrats on getting the tube Co. going, looking forward to seeing more stuff from US tubes.
    Love and Respect

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    Love the tube but not feelin the logo. :-/
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