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    Yeah! And if all goes well, puff has told me that BFG will be getting hooked up with a couple of those, as well as some SICK other surprises with other artists he has in the works, so stay tuned on that...

    Also...wanted to let everyone know that all of the payment option problems have been ironed out here at BFG Headquarters, and we are gonna be getting all of the work up on the site here in the next few days that has been hoarded due to the lull, and I thank all of you for your patience during this has sucked for me as well, lol

    Got some really nice work from VOORHEES, should have it up pretty soon. I really wish my pics did this fellow's work justice...

    I am editing pics right now of the work I got from QUAVE, and speaking of my pics not doing some work justice...I just hope the bro forgives me. There is no way that I can take pics nice enough to show his work off in the way it deserves, but I am trying. The Filla and Retti work he does is nuts, I will try to have a sampling up here soon...thanks all.

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    those voorhees are sooooo ill, can't wait to see what Quave's got!

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    great news I cant wait to see all of the flavor you've been hiding
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    nice set from Voorhees
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    cant wait!
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    btwoh yea & i love

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    lookin real good!

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    I really can't wait to see the Quave stuff.

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    Good lookin Voorhees

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    Damn man you've got some really nice glass. Can't wait to see what you add in time, keep it up!
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    I'm anxious to see the new stuff. That Voorhees is very nice!
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