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    toro shit gonna be dope
    Bunnintreez pumpin killabeez

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    Hey Bit, are you gonna be getting in the mini Toros with the circ diffuser as well, or just the ones on the site right now.

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    Gonna hopefully be getting in a number of models, and am really hoping those are among them...

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    ALSO, just got in some US Tubes stock 18-18mm vented D-cut diffies! Been a looooooooong time coming on these...woot!

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    Damn, the Toro news is super exciting Bit Two thumbs up on the effort given to make this happen... I'm sure there are lots of tickled individuals out there just waiting to pounce on these...
    Not to mention all the other artist's madness you're bringing to the table...
    Cheers man

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    i want to order one of those new toro tinis so bad, do you have dimensions on it? I'm looking at the 13 arm non fixed!

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    Is Banjo #06 a right or left carb? Looks like either side has a wrap of white for symmetry.
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    what do you guys think of the wicked sands tubes? im looking for right now to get a single perc with ice catcher tube cheapest possible though. Then once i get a new job and get some more money ill get something more expensive and crazy.
    Are the wicked sands the cheapest tubes? and how are their quality?

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    super price for super quality
    Feel free to message me with any questions, I'll do my best to help. mod squad

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    i just picked up a worked, WS mini 10 arm and it's EASILY one of the best made pieces i own. i promise you, you will not regret grabbing one. almost all of the reviews here at TC are largely positive and there's a reason. it's become my DD hands down both because of how well it hits and also because it can be hit reclining or sitting on the couch. can't wait for my WS mini inline.
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