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    Hey, thanks for all the kind words guys, and it was great meeting you also Lurch, good to put a face to the online persona, you are definitely chill in my book...and thanks a lot for outing me on the 12-packs,
    On the lighter: I really hate putting a scratched-up bic in pics for size reference, it always looks so tacky to me to have something so cheesy sitting next to an awesome piece of glass art. With that in mind, I asked the Master Sculptress, T-BALLER, if she would consider making me an all-glass substitute for picture purposes, and she is so awesome, she actually gifted it to me with an order of kill slides I got from her, which incidentally will be up on the site in the next day or so. She told me that before she sent me the lighter, a relative of hers tried to use it to light up a can see why...if you are reading this lady, BIG thanks once again for transporting my pics out of TackyVille!

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    i cant wait to see the new tballer stuff! and the glass lighter!!!
    If you cant take the heat then you better burn down the kitchen Baba.

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    the glass lighter is in the pictures with cody's work.
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    Nice T, cant wait to peep your page!

    Tubes- US ROOR Custom, Worked Toro's

    Gadgets by- RooR us, RooR de.,Toro, Rebel Glass, Mike Fro, Kennaroo, Hefe, Dom, Devol, DWreck, Alex K, SALT.... always growing

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    Hey some new stuff up on the site last night...some D-Wreck slides, a grip of DOM slides, and a freaking SICK batch of JAH stuff, including some really nice basket-weave work. It is really some of the cleanest, tightest work I have seen. Also have a REALLY nice batch of Royal slides ready to go up this afternoon, as well as the T-BALLER slides, and some sick new Alex K Fire/Moss, Fire/Ice combo slide work...Alex did his usual super-tight work on them, really nice...The coming month is going to be rocking at BFG...we are talking to some artists that I think you are all gonna dig! THANKS!!!!!

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    Wooooooo, new jah and dom is siiick
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    Wow man, way to support the culture! Really wish I was in Vegas to meet you. You seem like the nicest dude in the world! Wish we could do more than chat on the phone.

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    Default sick man

    vegas vegas vegas......... well, at least i got to meet you man!

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    Thanks C6, we'll hook up one of these days I hope...
    And for those of you that don't know who this "TRE" guy is who just posted, you will, believe are a couple of collaboration pieces he made with our friend HOPS...SICKNESS!

    Looking forward to your new stuff TRE, lay it on us!
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    "Tre" Is trevor, and hes the manzo.. those are real sick for any1 interested

    Fixed perc FTW!



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