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    In Your Imagination

    Exclamation Cannabis Photo of the Month Contest: February, 2009.

    This thread is for posting photo submissions of any Cannabis photos you feel should be on the front page of TokeCity.

    Before submitting a photo please read the rules carefully, submissions will be closed on 02/15/2009 so post before this date.

    • One nomination per member, per month.
    • Photo must belong to a TokeCity member.
    • No editing/deleting entries, so make sure they count.
    • Same plant/bud/oil/hash can never be resubmitted.

    Please include the following information when entering your submission for the "Cannabis Photo of the Month Contest":
    • Photo
    • Member's Name:
    • Strain (if known):
    • Thread or Album Link (if relevant):

    • 1st Place: Photo will be on the front page of TokeCity, a custom title and icon.
    • 2nd Place: Custom title and icon.
    • 3rd Place: Custom icon.

    Reminder: It's the grower/owner of plant/bud/oil/hash in the photo that gets the prize not the submitter unless they happen to be the same person.
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    User name - BIG CHEEFA
    strain - Juicy Fruit
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    i smoke marijuana but i'll tell you something:i only smoke in the late evening.oh,occasionally the early evening,but usually the late evening,or mid-evening and late evening,occasionally early afternoon,early mid-afternoon,or perhaps the late-mid-afternoon. Oh,sometimes the early-mid-late-early morning....but never at dusk.

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    Rix ~

    OG Kush ~

    Glass by ~ RooR, M.Slinger, Kennaroo, El Hefe, Opas, Darby, Pakoh, Carlson, Cowboy, Fro, Salt, Jerome Baker, Luke Wilson, Big Z, Freeek, Snic, Hops, Toro, Wicked Sands, Alex K., Lil B., Sovereignty, Blazemaster, Zach P., Clinton, Kurt B., Banjo, Nate Dizz, Royal, AK ~

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    Detroit Lean

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    Youre an ass, you know it, and for that reason you rock.

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    Northern Lights Cannabis Indica by John "The Ricobot" Ricovich

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    Glad to see this going again, Thanks Pistillate!!

    Member: Pahlie
    Strain: AK-47 (60 days)
    Album: link (hope this works)
    Stay safe, Stay free

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    User- Shakory
    Strain - Cogzilla (cinderella 99 x OG kush WW)
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    Closet Smoker

    White Tiger

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    Default Is that some purple I spy in your kush?

    Photo by: dgaf
    Strain: Purple Kush
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