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Thread: sharing oil!

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    Default sharing oil!

    Im very new @ making and smoking BHO, but I would like to think I can make a decent quality product with my little experience (thanks to all the info here).

    I have made oil twice in the past 2 weeks both with primo buds. The results are amazing!

    Everytime I smoke my oil I always think "Man, I wish I had more so that I could let my friends experience this!"

    No one around my area has an idea at all WTF BHO is. People are often very perplexed when they come in and see the oil contraptions! I always offer people a oil hit if they are willing and everyone is always extremely amazed with the effects!

    I'm not really sure what the point of this thread is anymore . I love oil.

    Does anyone else ever think like this? or is it just me cause im new to the oil game >_<?
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    Man i just started making my own BHO lately myself i actually made my third run last night and i had some of my best results. The oil actually came out looking like it was a gold or bronze...
    But i have the same issue over here i tell people about making BHO oil and they just think its a waist.... definitely not in my perspective.
    Since my first BHO run though i have been sharing with my oil with one of my good friend for introducing my to TC which lead to me learning about oil.
    Lastly, thanks TC for the BHO advice

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    I introduced a bunch of people in the Wake Forest/Raleigh area to oil making who didn't have any idea about it and now all I hear people talking about around here is how they can't wait to get some more BHO. Kinda worries me because I'm sure one of the dumbasses is gonna end up blowing himself up because he saw me making some one time at a buddy's house or something

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    I love sharing oil! ...and I always make sure to share my knowledge on how to make BHO safely and it usually prevents folks from making it themselves...

    I've had many people rip oil off my janky p.o.ti. and they all loved it. can't be scared of weird looks, just got to be like 'yo hit this shit it'll get you stoned' and thats about all it takes ha.

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    gotta share your oil! One of my friends doesn't make oil that much but when he does he loves putting too much on the pin just to watch me hit it so everytime I give him a hit I always make sure it's a big one. Showing new people is where it's at! My other friend that makes it all the time tries to spread the word to everyone, he's got'em all hooked.... he's even using it as currency for car reapairs! He hates my "you should show them how to make it" attitude.

    My friend tells me all sorts of stories from first timers coughing up a lung, tearing like crazy, pukeing and that's just there reaction to the hit. I gave a oil hit to someone that doesn't really smoke and it was a crum... literally a spec(his choice, I thought it was useless) but he told me the next day he was high as fuck for like 4+ hours. I especially love sharing my oil with first timers that think they have a high tolerance...
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    i feel ya Emohohkaywhy thats how it is around here no one knows about it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr.Doe View Post
    I especially love sharing my oil with first timers that think they have a high tolerance...
    Same here. haha people are lways like "why are you giving me this tiny spec of stuff?? wtf is this gonna do??"

    Most of the people i hang out with on the regular are used to my oil habit by now, and fully understand that me offering to 'get them high' means oil tokes cuz i dont usually keep much bud around these days, but newcomers are usually a bit skeptical. They look at me like im a junkie when i show them the vape but most get hooked.

    Ive had a few people that to this day refuse to puff oil. They look at it as some kind of hard drug and wont touch it. Whatever hehe

    point is.. i always share my oil

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    I love giving people their first taste of oil....but learned this weekend, you need to be careful.

    I have a girl I hang with a few times a month, she only smokes when she's with me. Friday night we had a few drinks, and I broke out the Kut vape and some oil for her to try. She took the first hit like a pro, I figured cool, and offered her another. Big mistake, 15 minutes later she was freeking out, like she was having an anxiety attack - kept asking me if she was going to die, and wanted to call 911 for an ambulance. Ended up holding her hand and rubbing her back for 2 hours until she fell asleep.

    She was honestly terrified, I felt like you do when you're taking care of someone on a bad trip. I still feel like shit, and have been kissing her ass since Saturday morning.

    So, share the oil - but be careful with the ocassional smoker.
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    DAMN that sounds like a baaad night.

    She had to of had a history of anxiety or something similar.

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    not really, i saw a similar thing from a guy who is pretty stable. and lesser events a few times.



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