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    Top notch work on everything else though!

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    Yesterday I picked up a Hops inline and combined with an Ehle turbo bowl... wow, I'm in love all over again.
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    under a stone

    Default Ddotg

    Hi y'all, first post (woo-hoo!) though I've been lurking in the dark corners of your neighborhood awhile, admiring your possessions (doing my Peter Lorre prevert laugh here!) ... Quickly, today I received a US Tubes 60x9mm beaker with 24/18 diffuser from Bitfreak -- awesome tube from awesome dudes. Total satisfaction from Puff & Co and BFG. FAST delivery, too. Huzzah for UST and BFG!

    I have used every type of material and design of tube, including metal, ceramic, all kinds of plastic, and even wax-lined bamboo tubes from SE Asia (in the 70s, and they were old then!) and every kind of glass. This is the best basic tube ever. And by "basic" I mean non-perc'ed, etc ... there's nothing "basic" about it at all, unless of course you mean the basic standard of superb quality in materials and construction, or the basic soundness of it design, or that it establishes the baseline for tubes henceforth.

    And I for one love the logo. This is Superman's tube, after all.

    Ninja's review pretty much summed up this beast's performance, smoothness, etc. I'd only add that the sum total of 9mm glass, 24mm diffy, the shape of the beaker, the venturi effect of the neck, the perfect height, whatever, adds a measure of breath control that burns noticably more cleanly and completely than any other GonG tube I've used, leaving less ash -- a pleasant surprise. (And it was true over a range of slides.)

    One more thing, though -- I'm almost tempted to call it "Little Big Tube" because it's really so much more manageable and ergonomically friendly than you'd expect such a hefty piece to be. The reduction makes an ideal handhold, and the tube's balance is absolutely perfect. It's so smooth and so competent, so well mannered, so efficient, and yet so deep and powerful -- truly the Daily Driver Of The Gods.

    I'll post some pics and some more reflections on this amazing diffuser technology later. I'll leave you for now with the view down the 24mm diffy, and thanks for the amazing community, and for letting me be a part of it!


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    you did what? to who's dog??... for how many skittles?!?


    Heres my current US tubes lineup...decided to try out the new models. so far i like every one of em!
    and some 2% from each...i suck at timing  1055

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    thats a wicked US tubes collection you got there
    Relax and take notes, while i take tokes of the marijuana smoke.

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    damn now thats some US appreciation

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    Really loving how these guys are evolving. Cant wait to see what comes from the lamp style ones. Perhaps a Lamp with the new dome perc and a round bottom? That'd be ill. I'll keep dreaming and ya'll keep busting out the sickness!
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    nice us tubes man, sick slide with sick toob each milk lovin it
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    milk factory..


    i reallly want one of the disk diffused ones

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    they all look so awesome.... now which one....



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