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    That tube is so clean, definetly my favorite by US Tubes so far. Nice dali slide, I think it is very appropriate.
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    A black flame polished logo on Scheize's would be the ne plus ultra IMO.
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    I had to take the photo with my iphone so its not very good.

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    iffy thats about the best self milkshot i have ever seen with a cellphone. nice glo rod

    glad to see an appreciation thread for u.s. tubes. definitly going to be one of my next additions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mbfunk420 View Post
    that klein is unreal... that deppe toob's not too shabby either

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    Quote Originally Posted by IrishToker View Post
    nice pics scheize, do you have a lighting setup other than just house lights? your pics are always top notch
    Nope. Just a regular desk light.

    Thanks man.
    Quote Originally Posted by Denon View Post
    US Tubes Scheize edition, lol looks clean man.

    Sounds good to me.
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    if you must know...really close to the beach!!


    I'ma hafta bring a few cinder blocks in to support the table before I can get a group shot of my US Tubes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dopey's Mom View Post
    I'ma hafta bring a few cinder blocks in to support the table before I can get a group shot of my US Tubes
    Might want to go with your whole kitchen counter top. hehe

    GO take pics.
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    damn those big beefy joints damn near turn me on
    Originally Posted by trainofthought88
    its all about the jarritos!

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    NICE boominmonkeybutt, I was wondering when someone would throw up this thread.
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    Yea. It's ABFT with this thread.

    (I guess I'll pick up my tube around Easter.)



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