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    Smile home depot ebb&flow directions

    home de pot ebb&flow table setup
    1. mixing tub from home depot (27.5"x19.75"x6") $5
    2. ebb&flow fittings from hydro shop $10( I'm sure you could also rig something up found in home depot's plumbing section )
    3. black vinyl hose from home depot (5/8"inner diameter 1/2"inner diameter) $3
    4. submersible pump from hydro shop/fish store $10-$30 depending on GPH
    5. white egg crate(In the ceiling tile section, only comes in 2'x4') $10.50
    6. 14 gallon rubbermade tub $5

    tools needed:
    1. drill from wally world $20
    2. 1" wood boring bit $2
    3. snips for cutting egg crate $3
    of course if you already have the tools this cuts the cost down of the whole poject quite a bit
    you could use silicon to glue the fittings in, but they already come with a rubber seal on them,

    1. First you drill one inch holes where desired in the flood table( I made them here because I am going to try big cocoa blocks)
    2. screw in the fittings
    3. cut the egg crate to 18"x15" and 4"x4" holes in the egg crate for the fittings
    4.attach hoses to pump
    5.put pump in rez fill with nutes and you are done!
    I have also made a stand with pvc piping also from home depot which costs $8 to build.
    *please edit it inaway you see fit
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    well I still have not gotten any feed back? what do you all think of this tutorial?

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    I was just waiting till you were done. Is it up and running yett? Any pics with plant's growing in the system you could add?

    Looks simple and easy to build and results should be very nice.


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    for sure here are some of the pics! I had some strawberries and green beans going in there untill my damn fat cat knocked it over and flooded the cat !
    I had it running for a few days and they where lovin it!
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    well here it is in action, with some lovely ladies in it! I finally am really testing this flood table out now...the only adjustment that is needed s 2 layers of the egg crate, then it works awesome...check it!
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    Hey tripnoncid,

    It's about time you finally got started on this project

    Looking good bro what plants you got in there?
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    thanx bald for droppin in!
    right now I have blueberry, shark shock, and hogs far this setup and new nute regime is way easier than the DWC I did last time. I am going to make a thread about it when I get time....this week I am working around 16 hours a day, so it could be a while



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