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    Doing a nice job trip. Cant wait to see what happens next round. Only going to get better

    What strain are you running in there Happy Gilmore?
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    Yay, I found it !!! Great tutorial man K+ if I could

    I wonder if they have anything around the size of 23" sq. whatcha think? I would only have 24" sq. to work with, but about 6' of height. I'll have to learn more about what ebb & flow fittings are and how to copy them with parts from homedepot. can you post some close-ups of them! how do they work, is is a one-way flow type valve or something? HOw did you seal the holes in the bottom of the tray? or do the fittings do that for you? guess i may need to just make the 150 mile trip the the local hydro store in order to prevent a flood!~ dam.

    Yeah, Happy Gilmore, I bet the lava rocks would give it a lot of stability and make the plants sturdier and able to support bigger buds, although tripn's root mass looks pretty sturdy too. I know that when i use lava in dwc, the plants are sturdier than if they are in hydroton. gotta love the lava THat's a very nice setup you have there too! I bet I could put one or 2 plants in that just like you have with the lava and attach a srog screen to the tray somehow and then scrog the heck out of them and get a nice yield huh? Did you use the fittings fromt ehydro store or did you find something at Casa de Pot?

    Alright dude, what's the final weight from the second run


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    hey Cat thanx for checkin the tutorial out
    there should be a pic of the fittings somewhere in the tutorial...damn 150 miles....just PM me...I am sure I have some spare fittings laying around somewhere...on those fittings also are little rubber o rings so you don't have to apply any glue...I like this better that way you can take everything apart and clean with ease. Hit me up with a PM

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    There ya go cat,This really is a neat lil setup wouldnt mind havin one myself.
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    you do need to keep the rez at least a couple of inches below the table, you can store the rez outside as long as you stay with the basic concept, remember the farther away from the rez the table is the stronger pump you need...and for a water pump you can just get a small one at the pet store...or from your local hydro store...should only cost $10-$15....what I like to do is grow with RW cubes and fill in the spaces between the cubes on the flood table with hydrton pellets. You can always cover the top of the flood table with panda is white on one side and black on the other and pretty durable.
    keep the questions comming

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    killer trip thanks for this DIY this helps guys like me out alot. I have done some style like this but man I did not go to home de pot to get me stuff. But next time I be going to the homer depot to get me goods..........

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    DWC you are absolutely correct...the premade tables are made to dran well
    Glad you liked the directions Username...if you have any questions feel free to ask away!

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    The rubbermade will buldge on you if you don't double up...I always just use one rubbermade as the buldging doesn't bother me. square pots with hydroton will work for sure...I had a buddy on OG who used a setup like that and it worked awesome, you will get some of the hydroton floating...but not much...I have used both hydroton and Lava rocks...I say if you can afford it go with the hydroton as it is easier to get clean...the lava rocks for me where really messy.

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    It might be a problem if you where to veg them too long....if you are going to do it that way throw the clones into flowering as soon as they get on that flood table. I say your best bet is to do about half that number and LST them....either way you will do fine

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    go for 15 minutes every 3 hours....I like to run my flood cycles at night too....but that is your choice...all about personnel preferance on the night cycle



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