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Thread: Rockstar pipes

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    Default Rockstar pipes

    Havent seen a thread for this guy yet. Makes alot of nice pipes i've seen around the de area. Here's just a little something i picked up for someone i know. Anyone else heard of/have any infornmation about rockstar? Another interesting thing ive seen on alot of his pieces is a tapered mouthpiece. Gives a real nice look to his pieces.
    Sorry about the shitty pics, all i had was my cell phone
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    Never heard of Rockstar, looks solid though, maybe someone else has some pics of other work? Love to see it.

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    ive seen a lot of his stuff around the philly area. the mouthpieces are perfect for keeping ash outta your mouth. he makes some nice spoons

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    Hmmm.. I used to have alot of his prodo spoons/bubs a long time ago before i really got into glass. Flavor and Frolic in Newark,DE both carry them. Great pieces for the price. Heavy, great push, mouthpieces are nice, and the work is real clean too. I think he works out of Lancaster. Several of my friends how have some of his work.

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    This was purchased from Young's in Federal Way WA bought it before I discovered true GonG. It was my favorite for a while when I was a kid, then I broke it. Anyways I dont know if it has any affiliation with the pipe above. It was the first "couch potato" designed bong I had ever seen though.
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    i dont know if theres a connection as the blower thzlamic who im reffering to has a much different sig. He places a small star indent on the underside. My friend has a nice rockstar bubbler ill try and get a pic of it later in the week.

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    de as in delaware? im in newark and if so im happy as shit
    ill kill you with kindness

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    I love Rockstar. They put out some of the best, smoothest hitting dry pipes I have ever experienced. Here's my collection from him.

    I also have a chillum and another spoon, no pics yet though.

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    Is it just me or does that first spoon look like it says "fuckers" on it

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    FLYERS hahaha
    and the one under that says Phillies



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