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Thread: JK-50 or JK-SO

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    Default JK-50 or JK-SO

    I picked up this past weekend and one of the strains was labeled JK-50 or JK-SO. Im assuming it was JK-50, but i am not sure. On closer examination of the bud it looked a lot like some AK bud i scooped up. It was really hairy. I was just wondering if anyone could tell me if they have heard of this strain before and/or if they know what this is a cross between.

    Thanks a lot guys

    Unfortunately i wont have access to a camera until friday, so i will post up pics then, but until then let me know what you think.

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    I haven't heard of JK-50 yet either myself until now. Actually I am packing a bowl of it now. Id guess maybe its Jack herer x AK-47 and then somewhere theres a 3 added to the 47 to make a 50? Hahaha i have no idea this shit is getting confusing.. but the bud is super dank.

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    Quote Originally Posted by headie87 View Post
    and then somewhere theres a 3 added to the 47 to make a 50?
    More likely the number of days it needs to bloom, and nothing to do with the AK47.
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    This bud is some of the best to vape...definitely get more bags than usual out of the volcano. I, like hippielettuce, definitely would like to know the background behind this strain. It has grown to be one of my favorites.
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