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    Bob how's the current garden doing? Don't think I've seen um since they were seedlings.
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    Hey all

    sfzoo, T Mart, Gilley, Shady, old's cool, TokinJedi, Thor, Scheize, psilophile82, Tha Docta, CaliShark, and all you lurkers out there.

    **NOTE** Next few posts are gonna look a bit weird, as I've run outta gallery space. While I am lookin into it, there will simply be "<pic>" where a picture will eventually be editted in at a later time.

    Quote Originally Posted by T Mart
    Bob, can we get a current grow report?
    Quote Originally Posted by CaliShark
    Bob how's the current garden doing?
    Ok, I'm behind's Hashcraver's fault.

    It started out as a simple trip...

    Mudro came down on Friday, & we were headed to the Hashcraver's. First stop, TSC (the farmer's K-Mart), hadta pick up a lil lime...

    ...well ok, more than a lil. But the 40# bag wuz only $4, so I got enough fer a lifetime.

    Next stop, the Hashcraver's fer an evening of "Wut?...Huh?" Nothing like walkin face-first into brownies as you arrive. You guys are each havin one?....two please. Oh cool, bubble...and oil. Where's the bong?...yes I know, I can't use a Bic. Smear a lil bit on my cigarette you say? Ah cool, the 'Cano's warmed up.

    By Saturday mornin I had to mellow out, so I had HC roll us a big ole spliff of Maui Mist....ahhh, breakfast. Now, down to business...we had some bubble to make. Neither Mudro nor I have bags, so this wuz another reason fer the trip. The Dalat wuz pretty much crap as bud to smoke, so I figger'd, wtf let's try bubblin we did. I have seen countless threads on the process, but had never actually used a set of bags before, so it wuz a good educational experience fer me. Got the bags set up, only used the 120, 73, 45, and the trash bag...put in the frozen bud, ice, & water, then sat & ran a drill with a paint mixer on it. Felt like I wuz frothin a giant herbal cappacino. We left it to dry fer the rest of the visit...I left aboot half with HC, and this is wut I brought home...

    I smoked some of the 45 with some buddies the other night. I'm not very impressed with it. I had some 73 later that wuz much better. I have yet to try the 120, so we'll hafta see wut that holds in store. Come to think of it, I should probly do a smoke report.

    With the bubble drying, we were set to go mobile. Heading to a local headshop, so HC could pick up another Volcano bag set...cuz he thought he had lost a plastic ring off the original. As it turned out, he found the piece when we got back, so now he has an extra. But it got us to discussin the advantages of everyone havin their own bag to use when vapin...that way each person kin do their bag up exactly how they prefer it.

    Back on the road as we head fer our next stop...the grow shop. HC had some business there, so Mudro & I jus wandered around lookin at stuff, as we haven't been there in quite a while. I did end up gittin a pack of them green bamboo stakes, cuz I'm always needin to stake things up...

    Back on the road. Next stop...42* Ann Arbor. Matt (the owner) posted up a Dan P sherly in the 42 Degrees, Ann Arbor thread that caught my eye, so I figger'd I'd go take a look at it. You kin read aboot the visit here...

    ##> Butcher Bob escapes Toke City...ends up at 42* Ann Arbor <##

    To make a long story short, it's mine...all mine!


    I must live a fortunate life...because it's bin a "special occasion" every day.

    Well enough of "Wut I did over Halloween vacation", time fer Show & Tell...
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    Maui Mist x Purple Lightning Grow Report

    Days in dirt: 32
    *actually 34 now, this wuz two days ago*

    I bin ignorin these babies long enough...

    ...time fer a repot...

    'Nother week or two & hopefully they'll show sex. As soon as they do, males git culled, & females git shipped off to flower. Looks like I'll be able to start another batch of seeds before Thanksgiving.
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    Dalat Grow Report

    Days in flower: 34

    You remember wut she looked like goin into flower...

    Well that bitch is bustin loose...

    Those other 3 plants in the pic?...SSxB that are done...just to give ya an idea of her size. She is 5'6" from base to tip.

    She's just starting to flower...

    ...and it's time fer some pollen...
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    Dalat Grow Report
    Special Edition
    Project HELLFIRE

    The male Kali Mist has bin flowering fer 24 days now. I had to remove him from the flowering room aboot a week ago, and now he's spewin all over the place. Time to put soma that pollen to use...

    The female Blue Hellfire has also bin in flowering fer 24 days...

    The Dalat is receiving a select pollination today, and will stay in the flowering room. While the Blue Hellfire is receiving a complete pollination, and will be kept in her own quarantine fer a coupla days, before being rinsed off & returned to the flowering room.
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    A Pictorial Tutorial

    Male cannabis flowers are clusters of sacks...

    ...that open & drop pollen...

    To make seeds, we need to git that pollen onto some female flowers.

    I initially put males into the flowering room with the females. Once he starts forming the pollen sacks, he gits removed to a separate room before they open. Pollen is very hard to contain, so I only ever flower one male at a time, that way I always know who "daddy" is.

    Select Pollination:

    Some times you only want a limited number of seeds. In this particular case, I am using a female Dalat flower... receive the pollen from the Kali Mist male. I only want to test the combining abilities of these two parent plants, so I only need a limited number of seeds to do that test.

    To do this pollination, I start by turning off all ventilation & fans...I wanna restrict air movement as much as possible. Then I git a special pollination tool...

    Always use a new one...rinse in water & dispose of when done. The rinsing just makes sure the pollen's dead.

    I roll the Q-tip in the pollen, wiping it up from the leaf...

    Then I take the Q-tip into the flowering room, and roll it around on the bud I wanna pollinate...

    I'm not real worried aboot contaminating other females with this method of pollination, as it would only result in just a coupla seeds anyways.

    I have now finished the select pollination, and merely need to wait aboot 4-5 weeks fer the seeds to mature.

    Complete Pollination:

    Some times you want to completely seed a plant. In this particular case, I am using a Blue Hellfire female... receive the pollen from the Kali Mist male. I have already tested the combining abilities of these two parent plants, and had a positive outcome. So this is a second test to verify the results of the first, and I want extra seeds available to give to other folks.

    To do this pollination, the female is removed from the flowering room, and brought into the room with the male. The male is then shaken/rubbed all over the female...

    ...I mean I literally flog her with him. I want as much pollen as possible hitting every possible the hopes that every one will produce a seed.

    I do worry aboot contamination with this method, because of the amount of pollen used and disturbed. So the male gits misted (to kill pollen) and culled when his deed is done. And the female gits left in this room fer two days, then she gits showered off (to kill off any stray pollen), and returned to the flowering room.

    I have now finished the complete pollination, and merely need to wait aboot 4-5 weeks to harvest the seeds.
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    Mycorrhizal fungi soil test

    I got some Premier Pro-Mix Mycorise Pro...

    ...and I wanna see if there is much difference than using soil that has not bin inoculated with the mycorrhizal fungi. So I took two similar clones, of four different will be planted in regular Pro-Mix BX, the other in the Mycorise Pro. Both groups will git Ionic nutrients as they flower. In the following pics, the regular BX is on the left, and the Myco is on the right.

    The SSxB...

    The Pure...

    The Big Bud...

    And the Hawaiian Skunk...

    I am only lookin at how it affects the look of the plant overall...general impressions of health, structure, and yield. As each strain finishes, I will update with finished pics and a summary of an overall evaluation after the last pair is taken.
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    Nice "pics"... J/K. How about photobucket? That's what Madcity recommended to me a long time ago. I was hesitant, but I'm liking it better now. It's pretty tough to overload one of those accounts, but you can always open another one.

    P.S. I love that pict with Woody hittin' that sick Sherlock you got on Halloween... Where's the Butcher's mask though?
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    Wut?!....and end up with lil white squares sayin "photo removed"? thanx. I feel much better with my photos in Mad's house.

    The pic fer the mask wuz way too small, and too fuk'd up....gave me a big red "drunk" nose.

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    Yo, I know of some under the radar free image hosting sites, even one a friend hosts himself, if you need more secure space to manage your pics.
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