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    LA Confidential Smoke Report

    Finally, a pic....even if it'sa crappy one ...

    I din't care fer the structure of this bud...retarded fat stems, huge sparse a mutant. And it din't wanna completely burn...but Ima blame that on Mudro's grow technique...too much ferts, too late in the cycle.

    The aroma wuz mainly piney or Vickes like, with undertones of petrol. Nice...not an overpowering aroma. Stronger when ground up & smelt.

    The flavor wuz mainly pine-ish, menthol-ish, with undertones of diesle, and a bit of muskiness thrown in. Very nice.

    The buzz wuz pretty potent. It wuz a very relaxing, non-paranoid high.

    While the aroma, flavor, & buzz met my requirements, I really din't like the bud structure. I may hafta see if I kin git a clone & try it once myself.

    Tune in later to see more of ... Butcher Bob Cutz Up !!!

    Grow on
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    Quote Originally Posted by Butcher Bob View Post
    Hey all

    chick, Kat, keen, craver, and all you lurkers out there.

    Boy do I hafta git busy & update my garden work.
    I jus took my first pull today...

    ...Ima eat fresh tonite!

    But basically I'm here to knock sumthin offa my "to do" list...a smoke report...

    wow, great pic bob. i'm jealous!
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    Quote Originally Posted by chick norris View Post
    Good morning erybuddy

    Been thinking about the original intent of Project Hellfire...and decided that making seeds is probably something I can do. So guess what I did?
    What's four more?

    If I can keep my neurosis at a reasonable level , perhaps I will create a journal here and show my adventures to Q-tip.and beyond.

    I'll see that you get some one way or another...may not be this Fall, but asap.

    I spent some of the busy weekend reading more of this thread, Bob. Thank you for what you do and for the way you do it!
    Frosty mentioned me in a post in December so if ya see this

    Went to the farmer's market Saturday. What a fantastic place!!
    I found some "Gotta Have It" corn, fresh beef, cucumbers, garlic, cottage bacon, and a peck of pristeen apples (that I later found out were better for cooking than eating it) so...I was forced into this:

    Have a good week!!
    Well first of all thanks so much for taking on another project in your grow room. Don't worry about it not being this fall because for it to be in time I'd really need them like in the next couple of weeks. Which of course is totally unrealistic and impossible. So anyway whenever they're ready is fine and thanks again.

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    are those purple and white green beans?

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    Quote Originally Posted by EZ roller View Post
    are those purple and white green beans?
    Well the white are really a pale yellow, like a wax bean. But yes, the purple ones are definitely dark purple. The yellow hold their color when cooked, but the purple ones turn green.

    I ran across a great way to make zucchini, and it's easy.

    1) Preheat oven to 350*
    2) Cut zucchini into 1/4" slices
    3) On a piece of aluminum foil, big enough to fold & seal in contents, put a coupla patties of butter, put the zucchini on top of that, and season with garlic salt (add other seasonings if ya like).
    4) Seal the foil up & bake on a cooking sheet fer 15-20 minutes.

    Talk aboot an easy dish.
    ##> The Butcher Shop <##

    Then God said, "I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food."
    Genesis 1:29

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    The purple ones definitely turn green, I just pickled a bunch of those last night and the purples lost their purple. I was sorta hoping they'd hold onto it but they're just as tasty either way. My question is, where did it go?

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    bob think i can get you to do a smoke report for me oneday ? : )
    if it sizzles you can tell me what you honestly think lol. i admire your posts always a good read.

    What bean was better the wax or the purps. ?
    gah im jealous of not being able to set up my outdoor veggies this year

    man that apple pie looks awsome.
    Last edited by vial; 08-11-2010 at 01:00 PM.
    My current.... Buds forming 2k+ room and a 1k room

    my legal grow build

    Ranks right up there with trying a Strobe light because of some crazy "the plant only absorbs light in phases" theory...

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    (Tap...tap...tap) is this thing still on?

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    Yeah, yeah...runnin a bit behind.

    Hey all

    sfzoo, Kat, EZ roller, Johnny Rico, vial, and all you lurkers out there.

    Quote Originally Posted by vial
    What bean was better the wax or the purps. ?
    They both tasted the same to me.

    Kat, I took the NK pic tonite, so it's on the block fer the next smoke report.

    Well I incited & aggravated a powdery mildew & leaf spot problem in my garden, by doin overhead watering. It started in on the cucumbers, then hit the zucchini, and finished off with the melons...oddly enough, it din't really affect the beans as much. But it got to the point that I knew the melons weren't gonna develop any more, cuz of the lack of leaves, so I pulled everything...

    ...4 strains of watermelon, and 4 strains of cantaloupe. Now the cantaloupe din't git planted til June 20th, way too late, so most did not develop enough to eat. I've eaten one of the Hale's Best, and it looks like maybe 3 more Hale's Best & 1 Honey Rock will be good, but all the rest of the cantaloupe were too young and now reside in the compost pile. The watermelons on the other hand, are all good...even the lil ones. I've already set beans aside to have for seed, and for the Hale's Best & Honey Rock cantaloupes too, and I will harvest seed fer each of the 4 different watermelon strains as well.

    And howz the indoor garden going?...

    Way behind....WAY BEHIND!

    Kickin Off the New Season

    Well I'm off to a slow start fer the season. I see last Wednesday wuz the 1st, and I shoulda bin flippin the flower room on...but I'm behind. I just got around to goin thru my seeds...seein wut I got...seein wut I want to do. Think I got it figger'd out...

    I've made quite a few seeds, but I've not tested many out. And if I wanna git a better understanding of the breeding aspects, I gotta start takin a look at progeny. When I did my pack of Puna Budder, I grew them all out & did a mass pollination, to try and preserve as much of the genetics as I wanna grow soma those, and see how they turned out. I also wanna know how the Puna Budder works as a father strain, so Ima grow out two crosses that were created during that same pollination. And for one of those crosses, because I want something to compare the Puna Budder to, I will do another batch that had a different father strain. This whole test batch will consist of:
    10 - Puna Budder
    10 - Hawaiian Skunk x Puna Budder
    10 - Maui Mist x Puna Budder
    10 - Maui Mist x Sensi Skunk
    Males will be culled. No clones will be kept. Growth traits and resulting product will be observed. This is just a test batch.

    I like to keep something from Project HELLFIRE I got this single seed layin Ima do...
    1 - Spice x Blue Hellfire
    If it's male, it'll git culled...if it's female, I'll save a clone until it's determined whether the finished product is any good or not. If it's worth savin as a mother, I'll keep it, if not, I'll cull it.

    Strictly lookin fer mothers...
    10 - Purple Afghani - Mudro acquired this strain from an old grower friend, then made some beans...these are some of the beans he made (I still have some of the originals also).
    5 - Pure Power Plant - Sent to me from Uncle Ben, I think these are seedbank seeds that have been forwarded.
    5 - Kali Mist - This variety wuz sent to me from 20' Thai, and is s'posed to be the "pre-improvement", or original, genetics...jus takin a peek at these.
    For all three of these, males will be culled, and female clones will be kept until final product is evaluated, to determin if I wanna keep any as mothers.

    So that's wutz gonna start my season out...we'll see where that takes me...

    Tune in later to see more of ... Butcher Bob Cutz Up !!!

    Grow on
    ##> The Butcher Shop <##

    Then God said, "I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food."
    Genesis 1:29

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    Wow, a busy indoor schedule as usual.



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