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View Poll Results: What Nail do you prefer smoking out of your dome?

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  • The taste is in the Glass Nails all the way

    74 17.87%
  • The taste is in the Ti Nails all the way

    175 42.27%
  • I like puff on both glass and Ti

    165 39.86%
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    The Ders HHH212's Avatar
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    Sep 2009


    whiteboymagic makes excellent ti nails as well...

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    ti nails are def more economical. they don't break and should only be replaced when really oxidized. I prefer the taste of glass nails though, seasoned ti is a close second though

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    Hello everybody, nice debate going on here.I like both, but my ti set up is ghetto, i call him my stick man, my glass setup is way too side heavy with the dome and opal nails, (which all cracked from heat) and the piece likes to tip with all the extra weight. Already broke one slide so i even out the weight with marbles...it sucks so i dont even use it, i would kill for a swing arm & bell but thats a different story all together...anyways i get awesome flavor, right off the ti with a straw, sticks to the teeth its so thick yum...gotta go...peace

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    smoke it

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    May 2010


    ^^ very profound. might as well use the bump as an occasion to add my .02-- i went through a lot of trouble to get my hands on a ti nail about a month ago, and it was definitely worth it. the glass nail has gotten very little love since then. a clean glass nail will yield an extremely flavorful hit, but i noticed that after a little use, the flavor flattened out as residue built up on the nail head-- as far as my palate is concerned, the subtleties in flavor of the oil were definitely diminished. i think that this is because glass is an insulator, making it difficult to get a lot of heat deep down into the cup on the nail head to really burn off any remaining residue, as the glass behind the nail head (inside the nail) doesn't get sufficiently hot very quickly. the ti nail on the other hand yields a consistently tasty hit every time, as it seems to completely self-clean itself during the warm-up period. also, the ti nail heats up more quickly (you dont have to warm it up to keep it from cracking like glass, you just blast that shit) saving time and butane. durability is obvious-- a ti nail will not crack under ordinary oil-vaping conditions, a glass nail eventually will. i still have several glass nails and a quartz nail and am all about variety in my smoke game, but if i had to choose one, the choice for me is clear. (or not clear in this case)

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    Anyone else notice much less reclaim on a Ti nail? After a couple batches of oil my glass nails would be incredibly sticky, and after several weeks of use my Ti nail still seems clean.

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    if its on tast i go glass
    if its overall...
    TI all day
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    i find that the nail itself doesn't claim up as much as glass when ur using ti, i think the reason for this is the whole nail gets significantly hotter with titanium and the vapors seem to condense less on the nail and more so on the dome itself.

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    cool, ti nails !

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