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    Quote Originally Posted by flarbin yarbin View Post
    Are they still making the beakers with the removeable 6-arm downstem? Been saving my pennies but all I have seen lately are fixed-stem versions.
    Yes, they still make the removable version but it's a 5 arm instead of 6 arm and on a 29mm joint I believe.

    The mini beaker with platinum logo is sweet! Nice tubes all!
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    this tube has been stuck to my hand since I got it. fixed 6(braced) arm, 14" sheldon with green logo. it hits so smooth(period) I didn't even cough the first time I to a huge snap of og out of it. I recently took it too a party and everyone was shocked at how smoothly it hit, then they saw the 6 arms and put two and two together. needless to say, it was a huge hit. it even got knocked over twice and was fine, even got kicked over into a closet door.
    this tube is perfect as is, no need for add on's. just pack it rip it, at love it. adding ac or multi-arm ac is nice, but it's a bit over kill IMO. I was worried cleaning might be an issue but with a little bit of grunge off and the downstem brushes sold at dementia it is effortless. my other concern was being able to snap bowls, but this tube is the perfect combo of drag and diffusion. I love it as a travel tube as well. they have really stepped up the production quality on these guys. a buddy of mine has a 12 arm double bub with removable mouthpiece and cleaning plug. once you get the water levels right it purrs like a kitten and packs a massive rip. gotta give a big to Sheldon Black
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    sick milk shot .^

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    Default sb rocks

    They are very classy pieces. I find mysellf admiring the curves and intricate details (like the ice notch holes) when im baked

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    Just got my first Sheldon Black glass, one of their small single stem diffused bubb's and I could'nt be happier with it.

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    My new Sheldon Black platinum 13" beaker with removable 7 arm stem.

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    Nice SB pieces and milk Ace!!
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    Default :)

    First sheldon black glass, thanks to sb & bf

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    Default we got em!!

    We just received our 1st SB order, and we are very pleased to announce that we will now be carrying them!!!!

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    good call on carrying sb all about it i love my 21 in str
    glass by:Toro,slinger,amar,freeek,fro,arty,trikky, sheldon black,brandon m ,J.O.P,hops,illdelph,salt,ak,buko, lealand
    YO smoke!!!!!



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