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    Default Bubba Kush X LA Confidential

    hi, i am currently growing a strain that i got from a reputable seed bank that is a cross of bubba kush and la confidential.. I was wondering what the original parents of these strains would be as i have heard mixed answers.

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    um....well,.....the parents would be........bubba kush..................and.........la confidential.

    unless i'm missing your question.....
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    ha ha ha... sorry let me rephrase it.. I wanted to know;

    -the original genetics of bubba kush( I have heard bubblegum X pure kush )

    -the original genetics of l.a confidential.(I have heard a cross of 2 or 3 kush strains, but noone seems to know for sure which..)

    -i was just wondering if anyone can verify the original genetic parents of bubba kush, as well as l.a confidential.... thanks

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