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    My runt at 7 months(24 lbs)

    Dabs in the back yard

    In Seattle*

    At 4 months

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    Cute little runt there . My pup is rolling up on a year next month, can't believe it. He's almost 75lbs and still has enough neck skin to grow into that i hate collars on him lol.

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    so he black cat thats been showing up all random is pregnant & is fearless, has my dogs in check

    so glad my dogs are calm to the feline presence, my other black one(r.i.p), the dad of Kratos- fawn- and Hades- white/blue-, would have ripped the door open to get the cat, he had some bad habits.
    im glad the boys didnt follow his path,
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    such beautiful pups all around, nothing better ten a properly raised APBT

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    Not exactly Pits but I've got 2 great Staffordshire Bull Terriers(basically a compact pit/terrier cross). Also fostered a Pit/boxer mix for about a year or so, and basically have been around pits or at least bully breeds as a whole for most of my life.

    Arrow,the pa, is a proud conformation/rally obedience champion as well as proud father of the girl on the left.
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    My pitty is fine with our cats, but if he sees a stray he will want to go after it. I am just finding this thread, I have a 3 and a half year old pitbull named Ceaser. I'll get some pics up shortly.

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    this is the most under rated thread in the City!! PIT BULLS FTMFW
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    Notice the KRUNK!!! She has been rocking that pendant for bout 6 months and has gone through a collar before the pendant needed to be replaced! says alot for true's pendants

    Pitbulls are one of the best breeds on the word!
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    "Never tell your problems to anyone...20% don't care and the other 80% are glad you have them. " -Lou

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    this is bud he is a blue nose pitt ,about 3 years old not sure on any lineage only know it is from a championship breed

    got him from a friend of my dad's. while dude was on vacation his son was supposed to watch the pitbulls (there was 5 not including the puppies bud was from) and one of the dogs got loose and bit someone so he had to get rid of all of them and we got him and kept calling him bud (short for buddy)

    he is such fun dog and still thinks he is a puppy. loooves attention and a great mate for our boxer lab mix.

    pups from last litter

    Bud and Tera

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    Here is my big guy Ceaser. He is 3 and a half and from Bullies Den Kennels in BC. He loves chewing on Kong toys.



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