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Thread: 90 watt led ufo

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    Lightbulb 90 watt led ufo

    i have 2 23 watt cfl's and the ufo. what should i use for what stage???? should i use the cfl's and the ufo through all the stages???

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    yup, for your case, use all your light all the time.
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    Def use all your lights all the time...at least 18/6 during Veg (I kind of like a dark period, but since you are a little limited on light I would actually go 24/7 during veg) and 12/12 when you switch to flower!

    I always like seeing how these UFO Grows turn out...I am really interested in the LED movement but am apprehensive yet...

    Good Luck bro!
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    ok well right now there under just cfls the ufo isnt here yet (next week somtime) there about a week old and so far only 2 of 5 have came throught the dirt. so could i tecnically keep plants at all diffrent stages under these lights or will that not work?

    i am also foxfarm nutes

    i am just curious about how i am gonna no what stages i am in and so forth first time............

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    Your light cycle, the time your lights are on/off, will determine what stage your plants are in.

    either 18/6 or 24/0, on/off will keep the plants in a vegetative stage. 'Flipping' the switch to 12/12 will force the plant to flower, produce bud.


    i'm pretty curious about those ufos...pretty pricey, but looks cool!
    what kind of setup do you have going?
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    i will have 90 watt ufo and 2 23watt cfl growing only 2 plants (medical purposes

    if you were to use 400 wat hps how much would u yeild per plant???
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    How much would I yeild? or how much will you yeild?

    This being your first time growing, any good bud period is a small victory. Your main concern your first round should be learn, learn, learn...and not let them die. Growing a weed plant is simple, growing quality nug takes knowledge.

    https://tokecity.com/forums/faq.php4 << everything I used to learn is right there. Lots of great info right there at ur mouse cursor tip.

    anyways with a 400 hps you can get 1/2 - 1 pound, that said that's in a perfect world, we def. don't live in a perfect world.

    Are you gonna have pics and follow your grow? I'm very interested to see one of those UFO's lit up and growing. Yes they say it's the same power as a 400hid but they sure look to point the beam dead str8 downward. I'd like to see how much of a usuable light footprint one makes.
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    yes i will def post pics in the next coupe of weeks for ya

    so if i did it right its possible to get 2 pounds with my 2 plants

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    sounds like someone needs to start researchin

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    Quote Originally Posted by SleepyKey View Post
    yes i will def post pics in the next coupe of weeks for ya

    so if i did it right its possible to get 2 pounds with my 2 plants
    Hahaa... You haven't listened to my fellow cultivators. Forget about yield at this time. Worry about the basics 1st. You must walk before you can run and even with a 400W HPS you will not reach 1lb per plant using 2 plants, unless you only grow a monster and toss one of them the 400 won't be able to properly cover 2 monsters.
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