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    Default grain spray bho tincture

    so i decided to try this out

    dont know if its the proper size sprayer yet but i will test after this batch, mixed about 2.1g of bho with 200drops of kavaroot/grain mix

    3-5 sprays makes me pretty mellow on top of vapin, and the taste is gone pretty qiuck this way

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    cool, i'd like to hear up on this more
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    Pulling up a chair, getting erl - 2 vapes for variety, and getting comfy
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    here is the VICS recipe
    A tincture is an alcohol-base solution of a non-volatile medicine (in this case cannabis). In this case alcohol is not only the solvent used to separate cannabinoids from the plant matter, it is what makes this type of application (particularly in fine-mist form) more bio-available and therefore effective.

    In whole-plant cannabis, THC content is expressed as THCA (tetrahydrocannabolic acid) prior to decarboxilation into THC, which takes place when cannabis is heated during cooking, and smoked or vaporized ingestion. THCA is a mild analgesic and anti-inflammatory but does not have good affinity with our CB1 receptors, so in order to make a THC-rich tincture that has many of the same therapeutic effects as smoked ingestion (including rapid absorption, quick relief and ease of self-titration), we must convert the THCA in the plant matter into THC prior to extracting it through an alcohol soak.

    Converted cannabis
    Alcohol (50% is preferred, but 40% vodka works just fine)
    Organic mint
    Organic honey
    Large mason jar, x 2
    Cheesecloth or fine mesh sieve

    Dry heat conversion of THCA into THC:
    Preheat oven to 325F (160C) exactly (use an oven thermometer to be sure).
    Spread cannabis leaf or bud in a thin, 1 inch (2.5 cm) layer on a clean cookie sheet.
    Put in the oven until the first of smoke or 5 minutes, whichever is first, remove, and transfer to glass or ceramic container to cool.

    Tincture/Cannamist Recipe:

    Pack a mason jar loosely but completely with converted cannabis product.
    Add alcohol until the jar is full.
    Seal, shake and put in a dark, cool place.
    After week 1, strain mixture through cheesecloth or fine mesh sieve and add to another mason jar packed with converted cannabis and a few sprigs of fresh organic mint.
    After week 2, strain mixture through cheesecloth or fine mesh sieve into mason jar.
    Add organic honey to taste.
    Shake/mix and then decant into bottles fitted with fine mist spray tops.


    Initial Dosage: Spray two times on the inside of the cheek, and wait 30 seconds before swallowing. Wait ten minutes and if desired effect has not been reached, repeat on the opposite cheek. Wait ten minutes, and repeat until desired effect is achieved. Dosage will vary between users, but should remain fairly constant once established.

    Effect will last for between 1-2 hours. Repeat use as needed.

    If you feel dizzy or disoriented, immediately discontinue use. Do not operate heavy machinery or drive during use of this product.

    im using bho and heating the alcohol before i mix in the oil,
    more testing to come

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    Sick tintcure! sounds amazing homez

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    very interesting karn, i always wondered why it was when i just ate a couple grams of dank keif that nothing would happen,.. ya gotta activate the THC thanks for that fact,

    I always figured the stongest thing you can make canna wise would be to make some nice BHO and let it dissolve into a very small amout of veg glyceryn, but this is kinda along those lines, sweeeeetttt
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    Karni.. this is AWESOME!

    Truly innovative. I bet it kicks sativex' ass!

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    wow karnivor this is really cool. I am definitly going to be trying this out soon.

    i need to get this hash makers bible you speak of
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    what exactly does this do to the bho and how do you consume it? Not meaning to sound stupid I've only vaporized the oil and put on a joint. Save a tree smoke more sap!!!

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    I need me some tinc...



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