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    In the cuts...

    Cool Shady's Grow Journal #4 More Strains & Growing Pains

    Greetings everyone! This 4th grow journal may become a perpetual one... For now anyways, I'm constantly learning about different strains and growing techniques. Hopefully in the very near future I'll expand my setup by adding a 1K HPS and a 4x8 tent to hold it and my 600W setup...

    Here's my current nutrient lineup... Subject to change:

    GH's Flora (Grow, Micro, & Bloom), CalMag, HammerHead, MOAB, Flora Blend, Bud Candy, Great White

    Botanicare's Pure Blend Pro Grow and Bloom, CalMag, HammerHead, Bud Candy, Great White

    * I've got a lot of other nutrients to play with like Fox Farms dry solubles and their liquid line. I also may omit Liquid Karma as I'm not sure how much benefit I'm seeing with this product.


    So, I finally pulled the trigger on 1/21/10 at about 9:30 pm. Four more strains and a ton of growing pains ahead…

    36 hours later, I’ve mixed up some veggin’ tea and then diluted it in half for the first planting…

    First up is the Raskal’s OG where only 3 of 4 popped (I had to do some shady cuts on the 2nd night to get these babies to pop, but had 100% germination rates on the remaining strains)… Props to Swerve and OG Raskal on these killer genetics!

    Next is the Chem Valley Kush…

    And then there’s the old school, Sensi Skunk…

    Finally here’s Butcher Bob’s cross of his Blue Hellfire x Kali Mist…

    And 12 hours later they’re finally gettin’ some light…

    Just a quick shot of my Shady Veg Station before I make some space by natural selection. Right now there’s Chemdawg’s Sister, Double Underdawg, Bubba Kush, OG Kush, White Widow, Purple Kush, 707 Headband, and Master Kush x Bubba Kush…

    Shady Veg Feedings…
    Summary of Wednesday’s Soil Section Feedings... 1/20/10
    The resulting teas are as follows in ml/gal:
    Veg Station - CM:3/LK:5/Sweet:2/PBP Grow:8 = 865 PPM, 6.28 pH

    Summary of Tuesday’s Soil Section Feedings... 1/26/10
    The resulting teas are as follows in ml/gal:
    Veg Station - CM:3/LK:5/Sweet:0/PBP Grow:8 = 800 PPM, 6.22 pH

    First a shot of my 600W HPS setup…

    Well, I finally got a Botanicare 3x3 tray and some 3 gal Smart Pots. And there’s a 2 gal Smart Pot inside a 3 gal for comparison…

    Pulled the Round 4 plants out of the Shady Bloom Room for a wipe down…

    Then I managed the fit both trays in securely…

    Now let’s focus on trimming the first group of plants as they go into their 3rd week of bloom. I’ll call this group in the small black tray the Section A plants…

    Section A
    707 Headband
    Master Kush x Bubba Kush
    SFV OG
    Mystery Kush #2
    Purple Kush

    Actually the Purple Kush is not going in the tray, but here are the girls after gettin’ their bottoms trimmed…

    Alright, now its time to fill the main tray with plants of generally the same size. I’ve also trimmed the lower canopy during the transplant of these clones. Some I’ve kept clones, and some I haven’t as I’ve got more beans for the pheno hunting…

    Section B
    Double Underdawg phenos #1, 2 (2), & 4 (2)
    Chemdawg’s Sister phenos #1 & 2
    707 Headband
    Bubba Kush

    Ehh, the Purple Kush is in the sink for now…

    Last, but certainly not least is the group shot after a PMP treatment with Zone and Penetrator…

    Shady Bloom Feedings…

    Section A

    Summary of Saturday’s Soil Section Feedings... 1/23/10
    The resulting teas are as follows in ml/gal: CM:5/LK:7/BC:3/HH:3/PBP Bloom:8 = 1055 PPM, 6.20 pH *Start of Wk #3

    Section B

    Summary of Sunday’s Soil Section Feedings... 1/24/10
    The resulting teas are as follows in ml/gal:CM:3/LK:5/BC:2/HH:0/ PBP Grow:3/PBP Bloom:5 = 930 PPM, 6.22 pH *Start of Wk #1

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    That's some nice looking vegging going on, I look forward to seeing more on through the journal. Keep up the good work bro,and don't go to the bathroom to much =P.

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    Damn, that's already crazy progress. I'm so jealous of your green thumb and your quality seed (and plant) stash!!!

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    Right Where I Wanna Be

    Thumbs up

    GREAT work Shady!!!

    Things are looking really good for this round so far bro. Glad to see you care about cleanliness as much as you do I'm the same way when it comes to that, if not even more picky.. I'm looking really forward to seeing how things go with this round. Great choice on the smart pots! I may have to give those a try as well.. I really like that list of beans you have there, one hell of an excellent variety of genetics!!

    As for me I am almost finished my vacation and will be starting my new journal ASAP!!!
    "Life isn't easy man, it's not meant to be. The more screwed up it is, the more your gonna learn, so if you've screwed up enough you'll be fine and if you haven't, well then you got a whole lot more screwing up to do." -Tommy Chong

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    ##> The Butcher Shop <##

    Then God said, "I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food."
    Genesis 1:29

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    Nice idea with the Smart Pots! Those interest me for sure. I get the feeling I have seen them around somewhere but I forget where. They are actually woven fabric instead of just normal grow bags right? I would assume that brings even more aeration to the medium then normal pots. So when you Water does all the Run Off just come out of the bottom through the fabric?

    By the way your Genetic list is quite impressive.
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    Dam, your doing it right
    I love botanicare , nice room ,I like your taste in genetics
    Ill be watching .

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    FUCK yeah Shady! Doing it big like always my man. Loving the new beans popped, great choices. Everythings looking good as always, really excited for this round, as well as the smoke sesh for round 3...really tight on money right now tho, so next time I'm makng my way through, I'll hit you up. Keep up the good work man, your didication is sure paying off.
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    damn shady you are killing it
    all day
    It's NORML to smoke pot!

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    Are you useing a ebb-n-flow with your soil? What kind of timer is it on and how high are you flooding the table?



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