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    Default A Safer way than cooking to extract Butane from your BHO

    I was kicking around on youtube and came across a video that gave me an idea of a better way to get al the butane out of you BHO.

    We all know the traditional method of placing boiling water under the glass dish that your BHO is located in. This raises the temp of the BHO, causing all of the butane that is dissolved to eventually boil out. Now sure this works, but it has its drawbacks.

    One-You need some way of heating up the water, this involves eaither flame or heat, two things you don't want to be messing with when the air is full of buta

    Two-During the cooking process you are activating some of the cannaboids, once activated some cannaboids degrade quickly give Honey oil a relitively short shelf life if you wish to maintain potency.

    Three- After cooking your Honey oil will be darker than what you started with. While we all love the Amber look, we also all know that the lighter the Honey Oil, the better the product.

    Now the question is, how can we get all the butane out of the Oil without any of the negative side effects mentioned above.

    The answer, a jar vacuum sealer.

    Insted of washing your clipping into a large pyrex dish, wash them into a large jar, like a family size pasta sauce jar.

    After wards apply your vacuum sealer to the jar and get to work. As the vacuum builds up in the jar it pull all dissolved gasses out of your BHO leaving you with a much clearer product that was safer to make and has a longer shelf life.

    Below is the video that first gave me the idea.

    I won't post the vacuum sealer that i use because i don't to get dinged for advertising, so google "hand pump jar vacuum sealer" you should be able to find one you like pretty quickly.

    My only side not is DO NOT USE an electric vacuum, get a hand pump one. The electric vacuum could cause explosions due to heat or sparks.

    Have fun!

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    i would love to see you post a video of the process... or someone else willing to try it... sounds like an awesome idea
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    I've been using one for the last 2 years now, I like the idea of not using any heat.

    ^^This is a picture of about 4 grams in the middle of the process, the oil puffs up real big and when the air is let back in it just shrinks back down. I'll get a vid or some more pics next time.
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    The butane is still being exhausted somewhere in the air, so be careful...
    But the reason heat is used, is to soften up the "oil" in the solution allowing the trapped gas to be released. Without heat I feel there will still be a large presence of toxic gasses in your product. Butane evaporates at atmospheric pressure also, so a vacuum may even slow the purge process depending on the pressure you are able to apply. And Heat and butane aren't the issue, it's flame or spark that is the issue.

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    "Without heat I feel there will still be a large presence of toxic gasses in your product."

    I can assure you the taste before and after is totally noticeable. The oil is always soft and liquid when scraped due to not purgeing with heat which usually is the reason for oil hardening quick so butane escaping is not a problem.

    When i'm done with the vacuum the oil is still soft so any remaining bubbles would eventually rise and I can assure you that afterwards none appear.

    Edit: Heat is used to speed up the process, i've seen plenty of people admit that left alone eventually all the butane will escape over time.

    Editx2: I do the initial hot water purge to get rid of the majority I just don't throw it on the stove for 10 minutes a gram. I like to leave it on the water for at least 5 minutes after the liquid tane is gone though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GrapeSmuggler View Post
    Headshop directory made me laugh really really hard at arkansas. Mostly because the only listing for arkansas was in alaska.

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    I am afraid you are incorrect NICKnice, but it's not your fault, its a common misconception. a little physics lesson.

    Things boil at certain temperatures due largely to atmospheric pressure. Water will boil at lower temperatures at high altitudes than at sea level because there is less air pressing down upon it. In a complete vaccum water will boil at approximately 40 degrees faranhite.

    By lowering the pressure inside the jar you are not only lowering the boiling temp of the butane (which will boil at room temp already) you are also extracting dissolved gases which are trapped inside the BHO, much like carbonation is trapped inside a soda.

    Through the process of osmosis the gas leaves an area of high concentration (the oil) and moves to an area of low concentration(the vacuum).

    As the picture shows the BHO swells considerably during the process, this is all the dissolved gas attempting to escape at once. with a small jolt on to of the jar the gass will leave your BHO and escape to the surrounding air in the jar. You should then break the seal on the jar and let the escaped butane out. after 2 or more vacuum sessions you should notive very little expansion in your BHO. This means all the gasses disolved have escaped. leaving you with a great product to smoke. hope this helped.

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    Wow this is Awesome Dr. Doe How could you have not told us about this for the last TWO YEARS!?? Pics!! Video!!! Thanks!

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    hey guys, this is my first post here so +rep me if you like my extraction method.

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    We don't have a rep system here, sorry.

    Are you using a regular mason jar and a pump n seal?
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