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    i always thought this was a step down from super heady glass. It is like what the shops around here carry.

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    there are a lot of shitty vb knock offs. They give VB a bad name, but if you have ever owned a hands free vapor brothers you know that they are quality, simple but very effective design. I prefer one of these to a volcano and YES I have used both.

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    The ceramic screen in the whip. It breaks down so you can clean it and replace it easily. OgesusKush has got the right idea. I agree there is a lot of bullshit knock offs giving vapor brothers a bad name. People think you have to spend 500 bucks to get a good vaporizer. When vapor brothers is a little over 100 bucks and tastes way better and you put the vapor through your bingus like trublu23.
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    new Knobby whip for my vape.
    ...been looking at some of the custom pieces @VaporBrothers as well.

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    I no longer own a VaporBrothers, but it provided me with many many great times. Easy tp use and allows for some INSANE vape rips. Price is on point too. And as has already been said, don't let the knock offs fool you into thinking they suck.
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