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    Here are some updated pictures of my plants. Keep in mind the biggest plant is farther along in the flowering stage than the rest of the plants.

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    Awesome man

    whats that big girl like a week out?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 215toker View Post
    Awesome man

    whats that big girl like a week out?
    I'm thinking another week or so. Only about 30% of the trichomes are orange so I'm not sure..

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    I've read that if you want a narcotic high, then you should harvest when 1/3 of the trichomes are amber. The rest of the trichomes will ripen during the harvest and curing stages.

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    Default my camera broke a week ago but I'm going to try and use my friends tonight so I can update TC.

    Anyways, the plants seem like there going SOO SLOWW....I think the really big one needs to be harvested ASAP, but I'll get some pictures up and let you guys decide.

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    ust read the whole thread and i can say im fairlly excited to see you harvest, its gonna be nice seeing all your hard work turn into a tangiable (smokeable) thing isnt it

    for a closet grow theyve turned out really nice and its inspiring me to start my own grow. good luck on the rest of the grow man, keep it up
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    OK guys, good news and bad news. Good news, I'm getting closer to harvest time.

    The plant in the right rear corner is the oldest of them all, and should be ready in about 2 weeks. That will give it 11 weeks of flowering time. I have a bad feeling the plant may have turned into a hermie. Judging by the pictures, what do you guys think? If your confused on what plant it is..its the one with the biggest top cola.

    The other 3 plants are probably about a month behind.

    The reason why I believe the one plant may be a hermie is that I have been going into the grow room every other day or so, and not really thinking about letting the light in. Most days I even turn all the lights on for a quick second to check out the plants. How bad do you think that has screwed me?

    Would you guys harvest the back plant now? Or let it go a few more weeks?

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    you would know by checking for "banana's" or seeds or pollen sacks usually found between the 4th and 8th internodes. maybe try to get some pictures of the lower singular budsites, around the bottoms of them? Then we can maybe see if theres anything to be worried about.

    the light thing is pretty serious though. id stop chancing're playing with fate.

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    Here are some updated pictures.

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    Don't see no nutsacks in any of them pics. Plants look like it's hot in there though.
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