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    Default CFL closet grow, sog

    Hey all, hope everyone is having a BHO-eautiful day!!

    Recently I've been having some trouble coming up with a cabinet size as well as a light setup for what I have planned. Right now I have 10 babies germing and plan to veg until gender determination and take the best looking one and make her the mother as well as take 10 cutting's from her and throw them straight under 12/12....this is where I need TC's help.

    is 5 sqft with a Height of 3 feet plenty enough for 10 clones going straight into 12/12 flowering under 4 or 5 42w Full Spectrum Daylight 6500K or should I use 5 42w Cool White 4200K?

    Hot hot would this cab get?

    Thanks in advance,

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    The box size sounds good, use bulbs that have more red in the spectrum, look for warm white or 3500K. 6500K is good for veg.

    You will want an exhaust fan for the box, something small. The base of the cfl's gets hot and you also want to circulate the air for the plants to breath well.

    Do you know what your seeds are? Keep clones of all the females until you flower them at least once, it's hard to tell which one will be best that early.

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    Ya I don't know what I was thinking earlier I got mixed up and realize that I need to use the 2700k warm whites.

    We definitely plan to install a intake/exhaust as well as circulation...

    However my biggest concern right now is how many 6500 and 3500 bulbs will I need to keep a mother going and as well for clones in the same box or should I keep clones in a separate?

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    6500k for veg 1 to 2 inches from leaves and warm white for flower the more the better. Check out the 300w equivalents that run 65 watts they are beastly I use 4 of them with my 85%red ufo for bloom. Good luck
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