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View Poll Results: how do you extract your BHO

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  • whole bud

    284 72.45%
  • ground bud

    108 27.55%
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    ya whole nugs all the way, i break apart the real big nugs obviously but i try and keep them as undisturbed as possible

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    I've always come out with awesome stuff grinding it up and then letting the ground bud dry out even more for a couple hours. Rarely do I get a darker than normal product, always a FULL flavor, and vapes completely clean. I've tried both ways, and prefer the ground bud. I get a much better yeild without sacrificing much if anything.

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    if im paying for nug chances are it will yield above 20%. that being said I think that 2nd run always taste like wood and would rather keep it out of the 1st run. thats just me tho ill keep that "extra yield" for edibles or something

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    THC is a liquid within the plant. When you break the buds open you damage the structure of the thc throughout the plant, which is why you get lower quality oil from ground up buds. ive done a side by side comparison. one was amber shatter the other was dark brown goopy ish type stuff

    oil whole nugs ftmfw

    if you dont get it the first time theres always the 2nd run

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    whole bud first for vaping then ground to dust for a second run to get every last bit out. i usually end up with another 5-10% of shitty cholorophyll-laden oil that i save up to cook with.

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    shit maybe im a poor stooge but ill smoke the chlorophy ridden seconds especially if im low on 1st run..

    Always stuff nugs cause it dont matter how easy you break that bud up ur gonna lose trichs

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    I feel like it would be hard to run whole nugs as I have the smallest extractor the rev makes, and I can only fit like 7-8 g in if I pack it crazy tight.

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    yeah vegas, i have done some dabbing of 2nd run before myself :P

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    whole nugs only i never grind. or do 2nd runs for that matter
    BHO is ever so sweet
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    OG kush is like a super strain of cannabis very potent very little leaf and stem high thc content between 30-40%.if u dont live in california its probly hard to find

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    I used to grind my stuff up all the time until I found this site a few months ago. I've been making/smoking all diff types of grease for over 10 years. Then one day I googled BHO, found this site, and my tech is totally revamped. It's still fairly ghetto, but 100% better thanks to TC. I'm only running full buds. Sometimes I take the big ones off the stems. I found since I started doing this the taste and look is 100% better than my old grind method. I also haven't gotten less than 0.9 per 7g in over 15 runs with some low end M39.



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