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    Default Albums that sync up to movies

    I've been obsessed with the 1981 Heavy Metal movie lately. I'm a glassblower and made a large Loc-nar marble the other night.

    I came across this video while looking for the Stern Haneover scene where the dude on trial is rolling a green orb and it got me thinking about how many people have their own music album/movie combo that syncs up perfectly. so I started this thread to hear everyone's suggestions on movies and cd that sync up

    I love this movie and I love the pink floyd song but I don't think it matches up that much. The first 45 seconds was pretty spot on, and when the dude's guts came out that was synced well. I've experimented a lot with this and concluded the following
    White Zombie with old James Bond films any album any old bond film <----did this one every day after high school
    Tool 10,000 Days with the Curious George Movie <---fucking hilarious!!! when the monkey steals the yellow guys hat and climbs on the branch and laughs it syncs up with maynard and is hilarious. Goes on through the whole movie. got to try
    and yes Dark side of the moon and pink floyd definitly goes perfect the whole way through, like when the munchkin land scene starts money starts and they dance to it and shit or the beginning with the tornado and great gig in the sky
    300 and Nine Inch Nails I think it was the fragile but I was in another universe in my head so I might be wrong
    Tool and the NASA channel on mute is suprisingly entertaining
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    not sure if it has anything to do with it. but modest mouses video for King Rat perfectly syncs up with the song The Whale Song on the same album. its kinda wierd.
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    I don't have any song-movie syncs for you but I love the Heavy Metal movie.

    The original song from that B-17 scene, Don Felders "Heavy Metal (Takin' a Ride)" is so awesome I had to go buy the soundtrack. Also the track "Heavy Metal" by Sammy Hagar is pretty good.
    Both tracks feature in the South Park parody "Major Boobage"

    Some useless trivia - the artwork from the taxidriver scene provided inspiration for the visual style of Ridley Scotts Blade Runner.

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    It seems as if when i put any good music with any good movie it works. Especially if im high

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    i gotta try this to0L and curious george one lol

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    Heavy Metal FTMFW!
    I love that movie soo much.

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    DARK SIDE OF OZ FTMFW!!!! I've seen it too many times..
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    lol Heavy Metal, that movie will always stand out in my memories
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    Waaay back I went to a double feature of Heavy Metal and Decline of Western Civ 2 : the metal years. I was stoned and alone. I made it through Decline, that was first, then fell into the deepest sleep, it was beautiful. I woke up with Heavy Metal on, and tried to snap myself awake because I really wanted to see it.

    The movie ended about 5 minutes after that. Whoops.

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    planet earth and tool



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