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    Default Synthetic Urine detectable?

    Hi everyone.... I've got a serious question for anyone that has previous experiance with these products. I'm in a situation where detox is out of the question as my test date is in less than two weeks. I bought some quickfix from my local smoke shop but am weary of using it after reading alot of negative posts on some forums. This is DO OR DIE and I cannot risk failure at all! I'm pretty sure the sample is being sent off to a lab and i'm worried a fake one might fail.. As a backup I just ordered a sample from a website that claims to have real human pee. I know, i'm a loser and don't know anyone that is clean and my friends that are clean aren't cool enough to hit up for urine.

    Has anyone used either one of these companies with success?

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    Well I used quickfix at a Dynacare/Labcorps facility last year which was also the facility I would be working at and it worked perfect for me. I'd stick with QF and none of the knockoffs. If you get someone else's piss remember it has to be fresh.. it will degrade pretty fast because of all the bacteria in it and start smelling worse.

    QuickFix FTW.

    Also... try the search feature.. there's a BUNCH of threads about this! Welcome and I hope shit goes well dude!
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    Well, I've used it on two separate occasions, but they were two different brands of synthetic urine. Both times I passed, but it was just a simple one-time testing prior to starting a new job, and I don't believe they sent it off anywhere else (but again, I'm not too sure about it)

    Basically the gist of it is getting it to the correct temperature range.

    It's worked for me, and for all of my friends that have used synthetic urine.

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    hmm, good info... Maybe I'll just go ahead and use the quickfix. The perfecturine came highly recommended by a friend who uses it a few times per year. I ordered overnight express to make sure its fresh but I'll see how it looks when it gets here.

    Yes, found alot of info for quickfix on the search but no info for the other stuff..



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    get AZO uti pills. they are urinary tract infection pills..... just stop smoking now, keep taking those pills daily and drink a lot of water and your piss will be sparkling clean...... back in high school these saved my ass a few times....
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    Ive used Agent X's synthetic for 2 job before and passed both times!

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    I've used QuickFix as well and it worked perfectly for me you just need to follow the instructions and have you're piss within the temperature range
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    Quickfix is the number one seller of detox in Vegas. Great product.
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    first time I used quick fix it worked like a charm, I took another drug test about a year later with it and it came back inconclusive. so yeah they can now detect synthetic urine if its sent to a lab

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    SOME facilities can detect whether QF/ other synthetics are used.. I would really find someone clean that will piss for you right before the test.. That said I have used QF 6-8 times and ALWAYS passed..but I have too read the recent findings with using synth peepee, and if its super important, I would find a clean donor...
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