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    Default HEADVENTURE Gallery, Chicagoland

    2359 Plainfield Rd Unit D
    Crest Hill, IL 60403



    Welcome to our thread. There is no better or more high end selection in Illinois. We have over 10 years experience getting the best glass on our shelves and we have dedicated ourselves to providing knowledge on each and every one of our products. We are a very glass oriented smoke shop about 35 miles outside of downtown Chicago. We have a huge selection of glass smoking accessories from hand pipes to head pieces. As the shop owner I also blow glass myself and love collecting it as well. What you will find here is a huge selction of top brands and custom pieces from the the glass artist in your own backyard as well as the best from around the country. Our website is currently under construction and will be up and running ASAP. I love this forum and I hope you guys all enjoy the pics of our selection. TC forum members get a discount for being a part of this great site. Thanks and see you when you stop in to check us out.

    We Carry products from Sheldon Black - HVY - Illadelph - Toro - Mothership - Sovereignty - HiSi - Krupt - Roor - Roor Tech - Innerfire - Zob - Kind Creations - Hitman - Borofarm - Evol Empire - Boss - Manifest Glassworks - Tsunami - Liquid Sci - Graffix - Helix - Z@ng - Everest - Trident - Medicali - Health Stone Glass - Olympic - 2011bc - Boro Syndicate - Chameleon Glass - and much more

    We have glass work from Scott Deppe - Banjo - Ivan - Brock - Jason Lee - Freeek - Ease - El Hefe - MNP - Bearclaw - Fro - Quave - Dosa - T Funk - Jake C - Nate Dizz - Ghost - Fall - Slinger - Pakoh - JOP - Royal - Elbo - Smart - Tammy Ball - Ryno - Snic - John R - Carver B - Micro - Kevin Nail - Cold Drink - Clinton - Darby - Vince P - Voorhees and many more custom glass blowers
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    Scott Deppe wall hanging bubbler

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    Scott Deppe tetrahedron vortex and keltic knot dichro piece made at our studio

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    Youve made my night I can't wait to go to the windy city
    Quote Originally Posted by Hack Sakkums View Post
    lol yeah i got it.. glass makes people say funny things. the only thing thats gotten me to compliment another mans marbles lol..

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    Scott Deppe lapis blue brick pattern vortex piece one of my favs here

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    Scott Deppe and Ivan Barrow collab is the smaller piece to the eye of the flame which we also have and if you have not seen it please stop what your doing and see it now trust me its amazing pics do not do it right

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    Sorry in advance for the bad pictures im doing my best here

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    wow i live like an hour away and have never been to your shop.... well i can see thats about to change. iv been looking to get some Deppe.

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    Scott Deppe rainbow vortex bubbler



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