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    Lets see pics of the micro!

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    Nov 2009


    omg holy shit. Just saw your thread. Sick stuff I'll be heading down there today!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nothinbutlove View Post
    Lets see pics of the micro!
    we are taking more closeup pics of the micro today and will post tonight.

    One Love

    High Priority Glass

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    i can't wait to see more of the sick
    glass you guys post.
    "a satisfied smoker creates no problems."

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    Default G-Check and Climber collab

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    Thumbs up Mr. Gray

    more pictures soon, much love TC!!!!!

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    Default Headman

    Headman's "The UFO Perc"

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    Default Inline Euphoria Ash Catcher

    Euphoria Ash Catcher

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    Default SheepDawg Oiler

    Thank You SheepDawg!!!!

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    Talking New Clinton!!!!

    "Clinton Meets Picasso"


    This glass is truly amazing, you gotta swing by and check it out in person!!!



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