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View Poll Results: Do you prefer using ISO or heat to collect reclaim?

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    Default How to Reclaim, and How to Use it

    Hey TC, I know people have mentioned various techniques throughout the forums, but I thought it would be useful to have a thread just dedicated to discussing the best way to reclaim pieces. I personally wait as long as possible, which I did for this dome to experiment, and I capped one end using a clip, filled it all the way with 91% Isopropyl Alcohol, and varied between shaking it and letting it sit for about 10 minutes, or until the alcohol looks really dirty. I then purged off the ISO on boiling water (scary because I'm used to 160 degree water for BHO). This time around, I accidentally spilled some water into my pyrex as it was purging, but it ended up coming out nicely. 1.8 g's

    still not totally clean, but it was so dirty and I got so much that I don't mind. reclaim in the lower left dish

    This is the way I like to do it, but I also know simply using the torch to heat the glass (which supposedly is ok if with boro when done evenly and slowly) makes the claim drip out nicely. What are TC's opinions?

    Also, I know that reclaim is not as tasty or nice looking as regular erl, and therefore is great for making edibles, but is it still ok to vape? I have read about ti-oxide getting into it, I wonder about the effect it has sitting in water over time, and is it the same high? Some say it makes them more sleepy, etc. Thanks! Dab on TC
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    I've found boiling hot ISO, heated in the microwave to be the most effective. Usually heat it in a microwave safe cup, take it out the second it starts to boil, put it in a ziplock with the oiled piece I am cleaning, and shake vigorously for about 4-5 minutes.

    Usually that cleans at least 99% of the claim out of the piece. Pour the ISO onto a pyrex and evaporate for chocolates. Works well, for my needs.

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    ^^ This, plus I do the hot Iso bath for the body and just Heat n' drip the curve till it's clean
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    hot iso here, then i let it cool and pour it through a coffee filter before i evap

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    Heat drip the curve

    iso the body, throw away the iso bullshit imo
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    Heat drip the curve....

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    Iso the body, cook with both....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dreams View Post
    Heat drip the curve....

    Iso the body, cook with both....
    Quote Originally Posted by Jackie Papers View Post
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    cooking anything with claim seems to satisfy my insomnia quiteee well, and is easily concealable at work.

    if your tossing your iso claim out, you are missing out on stonieness...just let the iso evaporate over time in an old pie pan, its totally worth the extra day or so, promise

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    heat the curve. iso the body. call it a hazy afternoon when you make cookies with both.


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    heat as much as possible - iso the rest with as little as possible.

    do with it what ever the times demand, be it out
    - giving em out to buds
    - pill capsules
    - cooking

    However if forced to put back on the Ti i'd recomend the stuff you got back with heat =P
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