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    Default History of the Chemdawg family

    Just wanted to share this very detailed article I just read about Chemdawg and the various family crosses..

    "History of the Chemdawg Family

    At a Grateful Dead show at Deer Creek Amphitheatre, 'joebrand' (aka 'wonkanobe') and 'pbud' met 'chemdog' and sold him an ounce of very high quality pot for $500. joe and chemdog exchanged numbers and they later arranged for two ounces to be shipped to chemdog on the east coast. According to chemdog, one ounce was seedless and the other had 13 seeds.

    In '91, chemdog popped the first 4 seeds. From these seeds, one male was found and disposed of (chemdog was young, you can't blame him). The 3 females were labeled "chemdawg" (now 91 chemdawg), "chemdawg a" (now chemdawg's sister), and "chemdawg b". In '01, chemdog and his girlfriend attempted to germ 3 more seeds, labeled "c", "d", and "e". the "e" seed never germinated, "c" turned out to be junk (according to chemdog), and chemdawg "d" was the keeper. In '06, 'chemdog' and 'joebrand' reunited and joe was given 4 of the last 6 beans: Chemdawg phenos 1-4, '4' being the chosen keeper. Joe thought the '4' was the best representation of the original and thus dubbed it the 'reunion pheno'. Chemdog still has two seeds left in his stash.

    Chemdawg Crosses:
    - 'OG Kush' (the original cut) came from an s1 from in a bag of '91 Chemdawg in the Lake Tahoe area in 1996.
    - 'Sour Diesel' aka ECSD came from an accidental cross of ('91 Chemdawg x Mass Super Skunk/NL)x DNL after the DNL hermed and seeded the room. The DNL's lineage is NL/Shiva x Hawaiian.
    - Original Diesel' (also known as Diesel #1, Headband, Daywrecker Diesel, Underdawg) came from a cross of '91 Chemdawg x (Mass Super Skunk x Sensi's Northern Lights) done by a guy known as "weasel".

    'Chemdog' and friends made several crosses that are held closely by a small group of friends and acquaintances. Among them are:

    1. Super Snowdawg (Bubble Chem x [Super skunk x Oregon Sno])
    2. Giesel (Chem D x Mass Super Skunk)
    3. Bubble Chem (Chemdawg's Sister x Sag's Bubbleberry)
    4. Dawg Daze aka ChemHaze (Chem D x 93 Sensi's NL#5/Haze)
    5. Chemdawg D x Pbud (another old-school Colorado strain)

    JJ-NYC has been working on a Chemdawg D-based seed line for several years now. He started by crossing Chemdawg D to Sensi's Afghani after thoroughly testing both Sensi's Afghani and Sensi's Hindu Kush to determine which was more stable and would be better for the initial cross. JJ then did a backcross, known as "Double Dawg." Several phenos of this circulate and several people still have beans. JJ's latest work to the line is a second backcross known as "Tres Dawg" which is just starting to get tested.

    Rezdog of Reservoir Seeds recently released several Chemdawg crosses as part of his 'Trinity' charity auctions. The crosses included Chemdawg D x Sensi's Hindu Kush and Snowdawg x Sensi's Hindu Kush, Chemdawg D x Sour Diesel IBL, Snowdawg x Sour Diesel IBL, ChemHaze x Sour Diesel IBL and Giesel x Sour Diesel IBL."

    "Original article by: High&Lonesome
    Special thanks go to orgogliodiprovi and chemdog who helped me straighten out the story and exact details."
    Posted by v0ssman
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    wooow... great lineage history! i heard a few years back about how chem dawg came about was a bag seed from a dead concert but not nearly as detailed as this. fuckin incredable, thanks for the post homie

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    dope. def. one of my fav strains.

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    Always a little easier to sleep at night when you know the lineage of your fave strains...though I don't think OG is simply a pheno of Chem 91, but certainly there is Chemdawg in OG...just my opinion though.

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    Thank god for those 13 seeds
    It seems like the best tasting strains come from Chemdawg, its hard to beat that sour fuel flavor
    aint no waitin when it comes to this pimpin

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    for sure, sounds like the story i originally heard. i live somewhat close to the area and have heard a few variations, this seems to be the most solid story (also including names). last i heard it was "two pounds" not "two ounces" etc etc.

    good stuff! love hearing about lineage
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    Nothin better than a good ol' history lesson when it's about something you love so much.
    nice job isskunk

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    this info is about 10 years old at least.

    glad you know now (and so do others). There is a complete linage on a nother non glass site, but we are not allowed to link to weed sites. PM me.

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    Ive heard this story, so many times from so many ppl....the version youve told is mostly the same, like citrus said, i heard pounds not oz. Good info tho. My understanding is that ecsd and OGK are very similar, with ecsd being chem x mss, and the cross that made ogk is still unknown...the tale i heard is that the guys on the east coast sent a clone out west and when OGK was made, the west coast breeders wouldnt share what they crossed with, leading to a rift between once friendly growers...

    These strains represent some awesome cross country work....all you cali OGK heads remember, your beloved strain would not be without the east coast!

    EC FTW.

    Edit: this story has been printed many times, CC mag, HT, Cannabibles...
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    I hadn't seen it before, a nice read for me... had no idea it was so simple, haha.
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