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    Close to a moose , or the trailer park boys

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toasty View Post
    Based on what I know about you homie, you would enjoy Toronto WAY MORE than BC.
    Vancity is full of hippy types while Toronto is much more business people oriented. As far as shopping, lol at Tdot VS Vancity. Toronto kills it.

    I could personally never live in Vancity, too many "love everyone" types. I like REAL city life.
    Quote Originally Posted by Toasty View Post
    After you grow up on a farm in bumfuck nowhere in a 3rd world country, you migrate to a real city.

    As far the whole hippy vs business type thing, if you can't admit it, you are living a lie.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dreams View Post
    What your talking about is more a difference in state's of mind than it is actual location's. (although the surrounding society plays a small part)..... You could find different world perspectives at a neighbours house, just as easily as you could if you were talking to someone on the internet in a different part of the country, or a different country all together.

    I personally think that B.C is a real nice place to live, with some pretty cool people around. But that is not to say that Ontario doesn't have its own upsides as well.... It all depends on the person. I would recommend taking a trip to both spots and seeing the cultures for yourself.

    If I asked a bunch of Americans what the best place to live in the states was, I am sure there would be some great answers..... but that doesn't mean that I would automatically like what was suggested.

    (just my opinion)
    Quote Originally Posted by Spliff'o'matic View Post
    Lol, what?

    The city is what you make of it. If you mean by "love everyone" the fact that people here arent dicks...then yea. LOVE EVERYONE!

    But this city has a thriving economic sector, trade sector, and even a large fashion/shopping district. Its a big city, you get out of it what you want. Thats the best part...

    I grew up in London, England. The big of big cities, and Vancouver is just the perfect medium for me. I like the city vibe, but I always need to know that I have peace and quiet all around me.
    This is why I love TokeCity.

    The exact senario that was playing in my head was laid out for me here...

    See, I'm from a small country town in Pennsylvania. Lotsa farms an shit I'm not into. However, we have a nice "cultural hub" of a town, about 20minutes from mine, with quality food, boutique shops, live music, nightlife, etc..... pretty much anything you'd want in a city/town.

    I like city life and always thought thats what I wanted, until I visited my friend who moved to Philly... Honestly Philly is great, so is NYC, but I couldn't live in all that. Too congested, a little too fast-paced. At the same time though, I can't live in the "countryside" (so-to-speak). Nothing to do, constant bordom, etc....

    I'm trying to replicate my home town, but on a larger scale (ideally). So, quality city life (great food, shopping and nightlife) mixed with country living (quiet, open space and close to nature).

    See, I need the combination of the two.

    So in once sense, Toasty, I totally agree with you, I'd probably dig Toronto A LOT for a couple months for sure. But eventually I'd crave a more laid-back lifestyle.

    This is why I lean more towards Vancouver. I'm not a hippy at all, Toasty is right when he said what he said. I just feel like I'd prefer to live in that culture as opposed to the fast paced city life all the time... There got to be a "cultural hub" in Vancity? Ya know, nice high-end shops, quality food, etc.

    I really need to go and visit Canada and see for myself.
    Now, thanks to TokeCity, I have a better understanding of where to go.

    Thanks for all the input homies!!
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    Whistler... My heart kind of resides there.
    God I love those mountains.
    Under construction

    And since my collection is rather large, I'd say I have a good base of knowledge.
    How many other people here have actually hit all of the pieces I have besides me?
    Quote Originally Posted by BigLen View Post
    lol mcdonalds bag in the background, classy

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    disco search up muskoka it is about 2 hours away from toronto and is wonderful. imo from what you just said youll probably want van, ive been tempted to move out there, just alone for the cannabis industry and medication cause well the dispensary's here in toronto are absolute garbage.
    Quote Originally Posted by Detective Dank View Post
    yo dis dat lighter fluid free repangulated-ice-wax-oil-vanilla-grease-extract-kush dawg.
    ^LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL this dude made my day

    :fighting with life ever day

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    my youtube

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    So TC!

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    Toronto has some great suburbs around Toronto with a 20 minute subway ride away from the heart of downtown
    If you ever decide to visit hit ya boy up for a proper tour
    Either way you can't lose, ITS FUCKING CANADA!
    [ame=""]‪Classified - "Oh... Canada" [Official Video]‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]

    PS. Total city asshole here
    "I like jokes."

    Quote Originally Posted by aus_smoker View Post
    what's going on here, did you accidentally get some butter in the bong? or are you doing something else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MesaBoogieMan View Post
    or the trailer park boys
    yes. sunnyvale sounds fun...what with the hash driveways and everything

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    [QUOTE=Carv;1132860]im really shocked no one has mentioned montreal yet..
    montreal is an amazing city with wicked herbs, and housing costs are very reasonable., plus you can buy beer at gas stations and drink on the street.
    the night life is incredible, the music scene covers everything.. and is thriving and has been thriving for as long as i can remember. its a bilingual city, but if you only speak english, you will not have a problem.[/QUOTE]

    they refused to speak english to me when i was there, left with a bad taste in my mouth. haven't been there since. But that was one expirence.
    i smoke marijuana but i'll tell you something:i only smoke in the late evening.oh,occasionally the early evening,but usually the late evening,or mid-evening and late evening,occasionally early afternoon,early mid-afternoon,or perhaps the late-mid-afternoon. Oh,sometimes the early-mid-late-early morning....but never at dusk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toasty View Post
    Based on what I know about you homie, you would enjoy Toronto WAY MORE than BC.
    Vancity is full of hippy types while Toronto is much more business people oriented. As far as shopping, lol at Tdot VS Vancity. Toronto kills it.

    I could personally never live in Vancity, too many "love everyone" types. I like REAL city life.
    I dunno bro. I spend enough time in TO that it wouldn't be such a life changin event. In BC you get the mountains & warmer weather. I love skiing so there is that too. Shopping isn't a factor for me since I buy most everything online. As for people, you'll find your kind where ever you go. Moving to TO doesn't really give me a change of scenery like BC does.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonesia View Post
    up north in ontario. by algonquin park. etc. nicest place to live in my opinion. although van is a very nice place.

    I just came back from there last week. Madawaska region is super chill.One day I wanna live there off the grid

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    the cottage life up north ontario beats direct city life anyday.
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