Although I agree with Bones that TC is more focused to "end users" rather than growers...hell, Bob pointed that out in the OP...I'd still say it's a worth while goal tryin' to make TC a better growin' resource. Things change...that's what life's about.

Folks keep bringin' up IC as some sorta ultimate level to reach, but personally I ain't even slightly interested in joinin'. Don't get me wrong...they gotta huge archive o' knowledge that I've freely helped m'self to, but what I seen when I lurked through was a lotta petty drama, too. An' judging from summa the posts here, I ain't alone there, either. Sure don't need to put up with that. We don't hafta clone IC to have a good site here.

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...I don't see us beatin up ICMag anytime soon, and I got no desire to follow that road anyways. We don't need huge traffic counts to be good, we jus need good input...
Completely agreed. But good input is only half the equation. Just like that plant we all know an' love, it's simply gonna take time and attention t' get great results.