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Thread: Oh the Shame...

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    Quote Originally Posted by vial View Post
    ...I have just under 900 post;s mostly stoner/lazy nonsence but they are in the right spot's...
    ROFLMAO...Well, that's half right...

    (With profuse apologies to Samizzle an' Bob...)
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    More ganja! I dig it.

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    while IC definitely has a larger collection of more serious, large scale growers, TC is still the fuckin bomb and i will always love this city that showed me what kind words and helpful tips so many people here have. There are frequently arguments, but arguments fuel progress, and without progress we would be GC. Glass is badass and weed is what we need. Ball up TC

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    Quote Originally Posted by yoitscheefs View Post
    First, you must become one with the sap.
    Quote Originally Posted by Full_Milk View Post
    That marbletini is pure sex.
    Quote Originally Posted by hashcat View Post
    ..budder also sucks for dabbing, it just crumbles all over...

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    Would anyone be opposed to grow journals that arent bud?

    Ive got a DIY hydro tent setup that i like to test different things on before introducing to my ladies.

    I love growing produce for myself because i believe in self sustainability. I'm sure some of you other farmers out there have some awesome gardens to show off.

    Anyways, regardless of what is being grown, there is always something to be learned. So if people would follow a journal like that, i would gladly post one.

    (Also, Im not as comfortable with taking pictures of a...non-legal grow as i am with taking them of a legal grow.)

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    Hmmm, I never realized that b'fore....we got no distinction that any of the grow forums are cannabis specific.

    I like that.

    Seems like a lotta forums have a separate "Veggies" forum fer non-cannabis growin. I never understood the reasoning fer differentiation, cuz it's all growin.

    TC's a "glass" site, so I would assume it's membership would tend to be made up of progressive folks...and I think gardening in general fits in with that, even if cannabis IS our favorite plant.

    I post up my non-canna...don't see any reason ya shouldn't post yers.
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    Without us cannabis cultivators there would be no need for sick glass pieces... It is indeed a shame more peeps don't share their grows on TC...
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheHerbalEssence View Post
    Would anyone be opposed to grow journals that arent bud?

    Anyways, regardless of what is being grown, there is always something to be learned. So if people would follow a journal like that, i would gladly post one.

    (Also, Im not as comfortable with taking pictures of a...non-legal grow as i am with taking them of a legal grow.)
    Do it! Please.
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    It has been done..
    Go check it out in the Grow Journal section.


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    I'm gonna have to make my way out west :/

    Such a shame that helping people is frowned upon nowadays. Good thing tc is here to change that.
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    Hmm. I know I'm rather a "n00b" but I hope my input helps. Anyways, I've looked through the strain guide and I'm sure I missed a little but I think it would be nice to have a more open discussion on different cannabis strains. I seem to run across the question what does OG mean in OG Kush or what's the difference between a Kush and a Haze. Obviously those are basic questions but they seem so commonly asked. I just think there's so much more room for discussion in the strain guide section but no ones really stepped forward and put the information out there.

    I know it could be also left to debate, but is there a way we could have some sort of history on very well known strains? Or how they came to be? Like I've heard plants from the middle east (Afghanistan) or around there are responsible for today's Kush's. Or I've "heard" plants from mexico have helped create today's Haze's.

    Maybe it's too much, but having a section to dumb down genotypes and phenotypes for newbies would be nice too. I know I can't be the only one so I'll ask, why does some cannabis turn purple? I've heard it's because of cooler temp's during harvest but then I've heard again that's not "real" purple. Maybe I just need to ask more questions or spend even more time looking around but the knowledge base on strains seems to be lacking. Also the "strain guide" we have right now could use a bit of an update as well as a little more organization.

    I hope I didn't come off whiny, just trying to be helpful. Can't wait to start my own grow journal. I love Tokecity and I'm thankful for the awesome glass and bud porn but mostly for the massive amount of information. That being said, there's always room for more! Also I'll try not to be so shy.
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