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Thread: Oh the Shame...

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    Funny to see JF finally getting banned @Icmag after nearly 3k posts.

    See 'Simon' posted in this thread but likely didn't care anymore than JF, or lacked ability to understand the technical talk.

    you have a similar thread here on TC, but it's filled with much the same comments of ignorance as seen on the icmag thread, just missing the more advanced posters like 'spurr'--the concept of DLI is absent from the TC thread, and missing the insulting arguing
    hey sprurr; why don't you tell us how much ass led lights kick while you're at it

    BTW; if icmag is about growers and selling seeds... y r all the mods on the nuts of a guy who don't buy ur seeds or grow em out? from all the other users you've banned you've lost a lot of grows by a lot of users who bought seeds from you site

    but if u want to become a family oriented bs(i mean unapplied scientific conjecture) site go for it... last time i checked we were about overgrowing the world not measuring or dicks on a PPFD scale

    and yeah spurr; you can constantly troll the stupider posters that make it easy for u but continue to ignore my posts and pointed points

    i take pride in backing up all the shit i say as best as i can; often as financial cost to myself but i'm all about karma so i guess that's why i'm still here.... spade is a spade... dick is a dick... and an asshole poster is an asshole poster

    and no that's not all i got to say so i'll be nice and save the real good stuff for later

    opt1c aka the mofo tired of icmag shooting itself in the foot... seriously a year ago this was a different site; full of growers sharing their grows; results; experiments; etc...

    remember yamaha_R1; and now we got krunch who's like the last large grower left on this site; i remember when krunch was one of many big growers but now everyone hates on him

    so you're trying to sell seeds on icmag but you're step by step alienating those who buy seeds from your site by allowing the mods to turn this place to complete shit... really sad; used to be the best and ONLY site on the net worthwhile after OG; i'd be lying if i said that was still true
    LOL, I though icmag was going to shit back in 2006...some people apparent took longer to come to that conclusion. Take a look at all the sites Suzycreamcheese used to post on, she left them all>>> all lacking seriously knowledgeable posters to communicate with, I suspect<<<she probably didn't care for Gypsy, so not on icmag...just a guess.

    Too bad 'Spurr/gojo' got banned also. Problem with quality content is the attention span/lack of interest in the majority of growers who may lack the capacity to even understand the more technical aspects...they just wanna grow good weed without having to get an education in plant biology. Seems like most folks here and other sites like to keep it simple.

    The more advanced topics used to go on CW, then after OG/CW went down, the majority of that stuff ended up on Icmag, for better or worse.

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    I kin post up links to some of 'gojo's old posts, where he's changed his beliefs in the time they were made, but even those older posts are beyond the interest or understanding of 99% of the people posting/visiting TC.

    Blue vs. Red Action Spectrum: Scientific answers to the age old question

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    The Psychology of Online Forums
    ^sorta explains JF and others that used to post on PG

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    You din't answer my question......why are you here?...wut drew you in?
    ##> The Butcher Shop <##

    Then God said, "I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food."
    Genesis 1:29



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