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    Does it smell unpleasant? I had some dank that smelled lie day old, carmel colored dog shit. No lie, it was some of the dankest weed I have EVER smoked. At the time it was called super siilver haze, but a trip to the club dispelled that myth quickly. I'll have to get some TW when I'm at the club next.
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    smells more like cat piss and pine sol than shit to me, but hey, at least we both smell animal waste! haha
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    a definate chemical smell mixed with cat piss. just pure funk. I'm tellin ya, the real TW will kick your ass and make you wanna puke from the smell. Its been grown so much out here it kind of gets that "played out" responce but no one can deny that it produces well and of course the above discription of high and smell.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MadCity View Post
    not sure if you refer to my post with Dr. Jay's quote, or someone elses, but i myself personally received cuts. if you know the plant, it's pretty easy to identify. here's old pics of it from my garden:


    i don't see where the quote from Dr. Jay says he had seeds, or that they were available. i believe he was just speaking in terms of the strain's early history. if anyone could get the real skinny from the breeders (beserker and steve tuck), it would have been Dr. Jay. he was a medical doctor diagnosed with cancer who was deep in the cali med/breeding scene until he passed years ago.

    pretty cool that you are out that way. i would love to hear some of the things told in tight circles around your area about TW. i grew it almost exclusively for years. every time i think about it i smell a lemon, minty, ethonol armona.
    @MadCity, almost every thread&post on TC is now years old, but if ur still lurking around…maybe doesn’t matter, u don’t care anymore…I’m even less interested myself, posting online for any forums on the net.

    I’m not sure how this info Dr.Jay gets circulated that is inaccurate? Did you read on OG that Dr.Jay had cancer? I never heard of that. What I do know from OG, or perhaps in private when I visited DrJay a little over 1/2yr before he died; he suffered from chronic pain in his cervical vertebrae, as a result of being in a LAX shuttle van, Prime Time was the co., driver was high on cocaine and rear ended another vehicle which resulted in Dr.Jay’s neck injury that plagued him for the rest of his life(he should have found a good contingency fee attorney to sue the hell out of Prime Time, could have retired with millions…he’s dead, Prime Time is still around).

    I know from talking to him at that point, he was encouraged & hopeful that having his cervical vertebra fused would alleviate his unbearable pain. When I was visiting him at ‘Nurse Nancy” his RN wife’s home, he was showing me some baby Japanese eggplant he had grown, and it rolled off the table, and I had to pick it up from the floor so as to not have him bend by his neck to pick it up. I know, what I had feared the outcome, his surgery did not alleviate the pain and that was depressing for him. He had mentioned he was doing homemade tincture using some hard liquor, maybe Evergreen? When he died, some friends where critical, saying he was abusing the alcohol at the time. IIRC, it was stated he went downhill rapidly from kidney failure.

    The Alibi seeds he gave me, 50 of them, I think were from the latest F3 gen. Due to the last 5yrs being the worst in my life, I have not even spent a minute growing out that, nor more importantly, $2k worth of seeds I bought out the last of the Brazilian Seed Co stock, heirloom & landrace sativas, including the real deal punta roja(a fav of Dr. Jay, which he saw in his Alibi phenos, he also was partial to Lumbo-Santa Marta Gold), kona gold, Brazilian green, lumbo black, and a sativa dom ‘Puna’ HHF posted images of on breedbay, etc.>likely gone forever.

    I can guarantee you, none of his Alibi pheno ever looked remotely like this true punta roja as seen in 2006 on icmag posted by redrider, which are *drool* worthy @post#148:


    He also gave me a 3g bud of his grow of BOG’s Lifesaver, which I recall him stating on OG or to me, that was about a 6 on the potency scale, which doesn’t match with what he posted in this Alibi thread on icmag.


    My own odd ECS, does not react like it used to, all sativa, hybrid, indica; which are incorrect terms anyway, give me the same effects, all couch-lock now no matter what, including 80%+ THC concentrates, just a matter of degree. That Lifesaver did little for my arthritic fingers pain, or anything else…not very useful or interesting to me at all.

    DrJay was not a ‘medical doctor’, he had a PhD; and my recollection wasn’t that he was intimately involved with medmj breeders at the time. As I showed ButcherBob on Marksurfs MIA, thread:

    Outdoor - Indoor grow - Romulan and Space Queen - Marksurfs - Page 31
    You can ask Steve Tuck yourself, he’s posted on his Twitter feed this last Sep 2018 that in a few months he’s back to making Trainwreck.


    "Steve Tuck‏ @RealSteveTuck Sep 9
    Steve Tuck Retweeted Stannabis
    In a few months we will start re-breeding many old strains including Trainwreck as genetics are all still there, we are just waiting until all is in place now!
    Steve Tuck added,

    Stannabis @Stannabis
    Replying to @RealSteveTuck
    Hi Steve- any chance your trainwreck seeds make it to market?
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