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    Default White Label - White Skunk

    White Label - White Skunk
    Satva/Indica Hybrid
    Overall: ********** 7
    Taste: ********* 8
    Ease to grow: **********9
    Yield : ******** 7
    apperance: ********8
    Potency: *********7
    indoor Flowering Time: 8 weeks

    White Skunk is a cross between White Widow and Super Skunk.

    Germination - I germinated 5 seeds, all of them popped within 72 hours but one of them stopped growing after the taproot sprouted. 3 females, 2 males, with one male so vigorous I kept it for future breeding.

    Vegetative - A fairly easy plant to grow, doesn't ask for anything special, other than wanting less N than most strains. I found myself leveling off at 125ppm of N throughout veg. All 3 females were very uniform and grew like triplets. After 4 weeks of veg they all stayed very short and bushy. They were already stinking like a dead skunk at this point as well, but you had to get right up to the plant to smell it. In addition, all the plants (including males) showed their sex at the end of 3 weeks veg.

    Flowering - Once I went to 12/12 it took about 2 days for the females to realize it was time to start flowering. From there on out they just kept packing on weight until harvesting them at 63 days. By then the smell was pretty bad, no sweetness just rotting meat. Again, not over powering, you had to get right up to the plant to smell it. Rubbing the plant was another story and resulted the room stinking and the smell of it on you until you washed your hands.

    Phenos - I know there's 2 phenos, but I only ended up with the WW pheno, which I'm sure is the better of the two.

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    You say there's two phenos.. The WL WS seeds I got grew into some super potent dank wee ladies! very orange and crystal coated.

    I've seen photos on google of WS that look nothing like mine..

    how were yours?

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    greasy places


    4 year bumperoonee, choice, no pics up anymore either, lol.

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    great review Mad! sounds like a winner
    gotta get up to get down

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    Thanks for reviewing that Mad will have to taste one day when I have the chance
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