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    Lightbulb The Michigan Glass Project

    Our mission is to unite the artistic glass community through charitable events that showcase the talent and culture of Michigan. We are gearing up for this years' three-day glassblowing collaboration. Glassblowers from around the nation will together to make collaborative aquatic-based themed installations. 2012 proceeds from the sale of the pieces, monetary donations and silent auction wil go towards the Belle Isle Aquarium.

    This year's event will take place on June 15th-17th in Detroit, Michigan. We will kick off the festivities on the evening of June 14th followed by three days of live music, food, and glassblowers collaborating on multiple artistic creations. The event will provide a space for our sponsors, glass artists, vendors and other attendants to establish new connections

    The Belle Isle Aquarium is located in Belle Isle Park in Detroit, Michigan. It was the oldest continually operating aquarium in North America. It operated from August 18, 1904 to April 3,2005. Designed by architect Albert Kahn, the 10,000 square foot aquarium features a beautiful arched ceiling that is completely covered in green glass tile and trimmed with stainless steel.

    The non-profit groups, Friends of Belle Isle Aquarium along with the Belle Isle Conservancy are continually trying to find donors to aid in the re-opening of the Aquarium, On February 4th of this year, 4,600 people lined up to walk through the building for a one day opening. Currently the organization is working on the repair of the roof and getting the tanks running. There are presently 12 tanks containing fish, more than there have been since closing in 2005.

    You can contact us on facebook at our group page.

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    cool. i recommend adding this to our calendar events on the forum home page:

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    Dude I've been waiting to hear this and praying it wasnt rumor
    This is gonna be beyond epic!!!

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    SWEETNESS!!! I WILL be there!!!
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    awwwwwww yeahhhhhh not going to miss this one! Time to request time off!

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    I'm glad to see that you guys are stoked. I will be posting more information as the details unfold. We have a pretty awesome list of talent coming through. This is going to be big.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marleyman420 View Post
    Dude I've been waiting to hear this and praying it wasnt rumor
    This is gonna be beyond epic!!!
    maybe time to visit Michigan for me

    its pretty close

    thise looks bad ass!!!

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    Hell ya, looks like fun ill definently be there.

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    AHH this is going to be awesome.


    Quote Originally Posted by old's cool View Post
    ima roll a custom joint right now and kick back and wait for custom joints ...

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    ill definately be there! belle isle was awesome, used to go there as a kid.
    glad to see there is interest in reviving the aquarium, hopefully more and more MI establishments will contribute to this effort



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