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    Not sure where my stock pile of the smaller guys are for a group, but here's a shot of my biggest one. Have about 3 of these and all my herb stays in em. Also tough to show but it's not black, it's a dark violet.

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    Those look cool !!!
    I've got an antique thats amber with the metal bands & the rubber gasket, imo it does help keep the color lookin better if your storing it over a longer period, I misplaced the jar during a move once for almost 3 yrs. with only slight degradation from over dryness.
    I also have stored in clear glass containers in a cool dark place with the same results.
    Imo curing is essential so I try to keep all my buds in jars whether it's dry or green.
    Why not use violet, it keeps it out of sight from prying eyes if nothing else.

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    If you are looking for long term storage than a dark container is a must.
    Light can cause serious degradation.
    This is why beer is traditionally stored in brown bottles, to protect it from the light.
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    I contacted this guy and these jars are cool but you gotta be a business and order like 50-100 of then which costs 200 bucks... Which at 68 count of the ones to store oil would be Like 6 dollars retail for a jar that's 15 ml... Figuring retail outlets will double wholesale.. Which is 3 bux with lids and jars. They are badass tho

    There's one jar that reflects more uv light and it's Schwartz glass I believe; but all glass let's INfared in. These miron jars let violet uv spectrum in however. Don't know if that'd be good or bad, because SOME things benefit slightly with the curing/aging process. There's wine bottles on there, sure that'd be cool.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bongo-ognob View Post
    I contacted this guy and these jars are cool but you gotta be a business and order like 50-100 of then which costs 200 bucks...
    I ordered a few of their 400ml jars on this german website. Here: http://www.glas-shop.com/glasprodukt...ebot/index.php

    I know, that there are even violet 5ml cosmetic jars. But I haven't found them for ordering yet.

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    price of their "oil dish" is much cheaper through that german site

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    http://www.delta9vapes.com/categorie...nic-Glass-Jars someone was looking for small violet glass jars?
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    Damn 9 bux for 15 ml that's so expensive you could get 68 count of them for the price of 20 of them things; basic retail markup tho



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