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    Default Huffington Post If you think marijuana isnt an important issue...

    If you think marijuana reform isnt important...

    One of the best articles ive read about the lack of discussion and real need for medical marijuana reform to be a politically debated topic.

    Huffingtonpost really does a great job with this topic.

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    "the hell it isn't"

    true words. fuck politicians.

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    Short & lacking, but he provides a good quote...

    "The only time we actually stop people from smoking marijuana is when we rip the joint out of their mouth and cuff their hands behind their back so they can't roll another."
    Scott Morgan

    ...and he points out the opposing side's pure ignorance...

    "If you're voting for a president, any president, on one single issue -- especially one issue that is so peripheral such as marijuana usage -- you're a idiot. I don't want to mince any words here. We have way too many more important things to talk about as Mitt Romney said earlier, as the president has said earlier."
    LZ Granderson

    After all, if politicians don't understand basic God given rights....then chances are, they don't understand anything else either.
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