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    Smile How to make shatter?

    I'm new to making bho and relatively okay at it, I can make the oil and budder texture with no problem and ease. The thing is, I cant make and don't know how to make the glass/shatter., someone give me advice and their techniques on how to make it. Please and thank you!

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    welcome to TC

    please do a little research before asking simple questions
    this has been discussed in detail many times

    start here

    read this

    ask questions if you still have any, AFTER doing you own research


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    there are a bunch of threads on here about how to do it. no real easy answer. just practice.

    basically you need to make it without burning it and at the same time purge enough to get out any impurities. Make sure to use good starting material as well.

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    There are more then 10+ threads about this.
    Just takes a little time and reading

    Might want to start with using These:
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    always amazing to see how two styles come together to make something incredible.



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